How Will Ernesto Neto Deal With the Museum Tower Heat Laser?

Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian artist of some renown. He will create an installation at the Nasher called Cuddle on the Tightrope, which will be on display from May 12 through September 9. Here’s how the museum describes Neto’s work:

The work proposed for the exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center continues Neto’s exploration of elevated environments and crochet, adding a new element of metal structural supports. … Neto now relies on a team of assistants to produce the enormous crocheted installations of recent years.  This material has allowed visitors to his environments to escape the floor of the gallery and ascend with the installation. In O Bicho SusPenso na PaisaGen, a work made last year for display at the Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, passageways of crocheted rope suspended from the ceiling transport visitors up into the space above the gallery floor, changing their perspective and relation to gravity, and nestling them in an aerie of polypropylene balls.

I love the sound of this. Crawling around inside a crocheted structure brings you off the floor of the museum? Yes, count me in. But I was curious: what about the light pouring through the Nasher’s roof? Surely a work designed for people to crawl through won’t be affected by a little extra light, right? A Nasher official told me: “We are still looking at all of this right now.”

Fingers crossed.