Centennial Beverage Group Gets Smacked With $4,756,702 Tax Lien, Ctd.

Two days ago, I noted that Centennial Beverage Group was hit with a $4,756,702 state tax lien. A company spokesman was less than forthcoming when I asked him to explain the matter. So I’m not going to bother calling him this time around, when I tell you that the tax lien is only half of Centennial’s problem. An alert FrontBurnervian points to the TABC site, whereon you can see which joints owe their wholesalers money. Centennial owes Glazer’s, Republic National, and others $5,441,947.

One Centennial store in Dallas owes Glazer’s, Republic, and Serendipity a combined $302,276.35. A Centennial-owned Majestic Liquor (store #178) in Fort Worth owes the same three wholesalers $398,845.99.

Looking at all these big numbers, I can’t help but wonder: will I get out of work early enough today to grab a beer before my son’s baseball game?


  • Tom

    I guess this is why Centennial was behind that endless lawsuit trying to halt citywide beer and wine sales.

  • mynameisbill

    I never mix my beer with politics. Now, scotch….well, that’s a whole ‘nother beast, right there.

  • Amy S

    Except none of what’s owed is for beer. Beer is COD only. Because it says so in the Alcoholic Beverage Code. What are all these rules for, again? And who’s watching the numbers?

  • Avid Reader

    @Amy S, What Tom was saying is that Centennial was against the city opening up beer and wine sales so that people in those areas would continue to buy Centennial’s liquor/beer and not just pop into the local Tom Thumb for a 12 pack…

  • Assistant manager

    Yep. That’s my company. I have updated my resume to say the least. Anyone know who is hiring?

  • Lee

    I know over the last few months they have been on the TABC Credit Law Delinquent List for paying late or not paying at all several times, At one point they owed Glazer’s & Republic Beverage over $7 Million combined. Times are tough for everyone.

  • concerned

    Another great Dallas business destroyed by clueless executives. Isn’t Centennial owned by Doug Miller. He lost this buyout on Exco and now looks like he could loose his liquor stores and it only took 2 years under Millers control.

  • Bobs Ur Uncle

    Concerned is correct. “Another great Dallas business is being destroyed by clueless executives” in their ivory tower CORPORATE office.
    clueless executives that are forcing their already overworked employees to take mandatory “classes” that have NOTHING to do with RETAIL Beer/Liquor/Wine sales.
    Mandatory classes – in addition to their regular hours – that clueless executives say they will NOT be paid for.
    These are the same underpaid employees that are keeping their stores running – the stores that CORPORATE keeps intentionally UNDERstaffed.
    That’s the same clueless executives that hire ops managers that don’t have a clue about RETAIL Beer, Liquor, or Wine sales… but why should the ops mgr know anything about RETAIL Beer, Liquor, or Wine sales?
    None of the clueless executives knows anything about RETAIL Beer, Liquor, or Wine sales.
    I’m not a bettin’ man, but I’d wager there’s not one (1) clueless executive that’s ever worked in a RETAIL Beer, Liquor, or Wine store.
    Nor do any of the clueless executives make ANY attempt to gain knowledge from those on the front line.
    the clueless executives could learn a great deal if they walked in the other man’s shoes for a week…
    ‘Best Practices’ in WELL RUN corporations with retail outlets require executives to work ‘on the front lines’ a minimum number of times per year —- that prevents the irvory tower corporate office from being filled with clueless executives.

    p.s. “Assistant Manager,” hope you found something else.

  • Bobs Ur Uncle

    Well,Tim, it seems the mismanaging “leadership” @ CBG has done it again…

  • Kermit

    Shouldn’t surprise me. Their new Director of Stores is from the fledgling JCPenney Company and he didn’t do squat for them!

  • Marco

    Well, they haven’t restocked the shelves in their store in Addison in three weeks, so looks like their distributors have cut them off.