Apparently Dallas-Fort Worth Needs to Do a Much Better Job of Stretching Before Exercise


Behold a map that I don’t fully understand. Ad Age asked consumer research firm GfK MRI to share its survey data showing the prevalence of certain types of sickness in the various community segments in our country (as defined by Patchwork Nation).

What’s up with the all the muscle strains we’ve been suffering around here? And who knew that so much of the Northeast suffers from a plague of Restless Legs Syndrome?

Advertisers can use this information to sell us more medicine. Or to sell the medicine to the right people.

See the full map and more details here.


  • Liz Landry

    Kind of on the same thought as this post, when I was watching TV with my mom and this (alarmist) commercial came on about the Shingles vaccine living inside older people who have had chicken pox, I paused the TV and said, “I wonder what company invented a new vaccine for Shingles?” Now, I’m not saying don’t get vaccinated, but there is a little bit of a snake oil salesman quality to an issue I didn’t know I had being told to me by the company that has the “cure.” So, my reaction to this map is that it seems like a Pharmacy company scared a group based on location about a certain condition (restless leg syndrome or IBS) and then sold them the “cure.”

  • Upgrayde

    IBS is 85% poor diet, I am quite sure. You eat sh!t, that’s what your insides become. Restless Leg Syndrome, which I am still not even convinced is a real ailment, I have no explanation for but it’s hard not to see that there’s a somatic component involved in it being concentrated so highly in the northeast.

  • NightDancer

    I would like to reassure anyone reading this that Restless Legs Syndrome is very real, and sleep deprivation caused by RLS is very real. I can assure everyone that a pharmacy company did not come thru the Northeast and “convince” us we all have RLS. :o) It is neurological, and it does have a gene that makes it run in familes. I have been moderatiing support groups for RLS since 1997, and way before pharmacy companies were advertising Direct to Market for pharmaceuticals for RLS. Nobody had to tell me I could not sleep or sit still, believe me. is a great place for information if anyone is looking for help with this.