A Bunch of Pics of Lamar Odom Leaving Dallas

Here you go. Happy now?

(To answer a few questions brought up by my previous post regarding Lamar: no, I wasn’t paid to write that; no, I don’t think that writing it will get me a better rate at the W; and, no, I didn’t type that with a part of my anatomy that, being a human male, I don’t actually possess.)


  • jb

    Not happy. Is that a Lakers championship T-shirt he’s wearing as he leaves Dallas and still on the Mav’s payroll?

  • JS

    @Jb, yes it is. Just goes to show what a jerk he is.

  • Darren

    I believe those pics are of him “arriving” in LAX, not departing Dallas. I don’t think DFW has a gate 47B, but LAX definitely does.

  • Long Memory

    I hope the door actually DID hit him on the backside as he left.

  • Long Memory

    Mark Cuban’s money at work.

  • Long Memory

    He’s raising the standard of class in two cities with a simple plane flight. OK, that’s a reach. I know. I’ll stop now.

  • milk&cookies

    well since he has this windfall of millions
    from not working is he thinking of donating
    some millions to helping kids? someone
    needs to ask.

  • The Lakers Championship shirt is actually from Lamar Odom’s own clothing line. Hop over here for the full story I wrote on BuzzFeed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/vdlr/lamar-odom-leaves-dallas-in-lakers-gear-44qs

  • Prom Prom?

    What a champ.

  • Long Memory

    Lamar Odom’s clothing line is called THE HOUSE THAT KOBE BUILT