When Will Robert Wilonsky Leave Unfair Park?

I think, originally, his last day was supposed to be Friday, March 2. Then it was supposed to be yesterday, March 4. At some point last week, I believe he mentioned that he was going to work through today.

Anyway, you know how these things go. One day becomes two, then a week goes by, then it’s like, OK, I guess we’re still doing this. It’s like failing at quitting smoking or putting off telling loved ones you’re actually alive and you did not, in fact, die when you fell off Reichenbach Falls with Dr. Moriarty. Pretty standard stuff, right? So, in the comments, your guesses as to when Robert will leave Unfair Park, for real.


  • amanda

    I guess the difference is that he’s leaving of his own free will, and his employer doesn’t want him to. As opposed to layoffs at D, when it’s silence and “hello world!”

    • Yes, Amanda, thanks for bringing up that extremely important difference.

  • Gabe

    Excellent Doyle reference. Though Holmes had good reason for keeping Watson in the dark!

    It’s like that Ben Folds song, Stephen’s Last Night in Town: “We all thought he was gone, but’s come back again / last week it was funny, now the joke’s wearing thin / cause everyone knows now that every night now / will be [Wilonsky]’s last [post] in [Unfair Park]…”

  • amanda

    @ Zac…I’m here for you. Let me know if I can ever carry a plant out for you.

  • Tom

    Right up until they hand him his DMN ID next Monday.

  • Today’s my last Official Day as Unfair Park editor. Tomorrow, I fill out the adios paperwork and have the first-ever Unfair Park staff lunch. (So that’s what it takes.) Also: You’re welcome to come help me clean out the office on Tuesday. Wednesday too, probably. Maybe Thursday. We’ll see. Lotta stuff in here.

  • Good Memory

    Zac was the designated blog post deleter for round one of those layoffs. Poor guy.

  • Haretip

    I dunno, but a little sad that I had to come to Frontburner to even see a mention of JWP news. I’m sure everyone is busy writing feature articles for the hardcopy versions of the blog, but geez youda thunk that old curmudgeon with the shotgun would have had something to say.

  • GuiltyBystander

    Would someone who knows kindly tell me where Fingers Of Fury will next be churning out copy?

  • Ya know, it sort of feels good to be able to hang out with Robert as he slowly leaves the Observer. It feels like that’s the way it should always be when you leave a job. I wouldn’t really know because I’ve always have been asked to leave…in a hurry and with security guards taking my badge.