The Mail Bag: Mayor of Sunnyvale Says His Town Doesn’t Exclude Blacks

In our current issue, Thomas Korosec wrote about a series of racial and housing discrimination lawsuits that have been brought against Sunnyvale. The headline and subhead of the story: “The Whitest Town in North Texas: How Sunnyvale has successfully fought for 24 years to keep black people out.” Jim Phaup, the mayor of Sunnyvale wrote a letter that we weren’t able to get into our April issue, which we just sent to the printer. So here it is in its entirety:

On behalf of the citizens of Sunnyvale, I must respond to the manipulative tone and partial relating of the facts in the March 2012 article of D regarding our Town.

The title of the article, “Sunnyvale: The Whitest Town in North Texas”, suggests that someone wrote the headline and then asked a reporter to develop a story to support it without consideration of the facts. A simple review of NCTCOG data on their website confirms that Sunnyvale actually is quite diverse with a minority population of 32%.

Sunnyvale welcomes people of all races to become a part of our wonderful community contrary to the indication of the article’s subtitle. Our Town has been steadfast in defending our community strategy of low-density land-use for many years. Lower density has equated to slower, manageable growth for Sunnyvale, which has been a priority for our citizens and our exemplary school district. The reluctance to embrace apartments has everything to do with density and managed growth of a community that is only 16.1 square miles in size with a small non-residential component to our tax base.

The Town did not pick the location for the planned multifamily complex now being reviewed for tax credit assistance by the State. The project and site were proposed to Sunnyvale leadership by a developer who has extensive experience in initiating, receiving approval for and implementing low-income projects in communities of all sizes. The developer has proved to be responsive and professional in all aspects of the project and we appreciate their efforts. The article also failed to note that the project site is adjacent to a new regional hospital and the site of a new mixed-use retail and office development now starting through the Town approval process.

The article’s writer chose to use as a key source an individual who has demonstrated a marked disdain for Sunnyvale and for not telling the truth. He indicates in the article, again incorrectly, that our residents have fought low-income housing with a passion. In my 19 years as a Sunnyvale resident, I have never heard concern expressed about low-income housing of any kind. Apartments, and their potential impact on our land use strategies, have been the only concern expressed to me.

I see no evidence that the writer took the time to speak with any student of Sunnyvale High School to gain their perspective and outlook on no longer having the option to attend North Mesquite High School. I have observed nothing but pride and great satisfaction from SHS students in their new school and the opportunities that it offers. I urge you and the writer to visit the SHS campus to witness the excellent efforts of an engaged and diverse student body that not only reflects the demographic make-up of Sunnyvale but the passion that all of us have for the wonderful Town in which we live.

The writer’s tour of our Town with the biased individual must surely have been an abbreviated one. I can assure you that for every “Hummer house” and million-dollar home in Sunnyvale; we have an older, smaller residence with a garage or carport that could not accommodate a Hummer. Our Public Library may be older and not so attractive from the outside, as described by the author, but I assure you that inside you will find an extensive collection of books and media and a dedicated, friendly staff and volunteers who are proud of our library and the valuable role that it plays in the community.

The article simply looked at Sunnyvale based on information presented by an attorney who frequently sues the Town, court documents, and a quick drive around with an individual with a negative agenda. I encourage you, Mr. Allison, and everyone else, to look more deeply at Sunnyvale to learn and understand who and what we really are. I suggest that you begin with the people of our Town. They are the most valuable assets of Sunnyvale.

When you do, I am confident that you will see a Town that is committed to providing people from all walks of life a very special place to live and raise a family.

We do not ever want to be the City of Sunnyvale. Instead, we want to be a Town with lower densities, fantastic schools, and a lifestyle that is welcoming and appealing to people of any ethnicity.

Town of Sunnyvale
Jim Phaup


  • mynameisbill

    Sounds like Highland Park.

  • BN

    typical white leftists who fear blacks living next to them but insist everyone else are racist

    Sunnyvale is a good city stop trying to make them out to be anything but that to take the focus off your own racism

  • PR

    I like writer (Korosec) and have always respected his work but for this story he only talked to the two town cranks. He didn’t visit our schools. He didn’t talk to the current Mayor. Nor did he report on the fact that Sunnyvale is 32% minority.

    While other communities have experienced tension among the races, Sunnyvale has embraced our diversity. An African-American-owned southern cooking restaurant is a popular hangout in our town. Last year the homecoming queen was an Indian-American. Sunnyvale even elected North Texas’ first Indian-American councilmember.

    On my almost nightly walk with my young daughter, there is a good chance I will run into the two Indian families, three African American families, the Brazilian family and the Asian family that live on my street. Frankly, I’m hesitant to even point this out because in our community, we don’t sit around like a bunch of liberals talking about how great it is that we are so diverse. We just view everyone as great neighbors and good friends.

    The primary reason our town is against apartments is that our infrastructure cannot handle the 300-1,000 apartments that some developers wanted to build. Our schools are not big enough to handle the kids, we don’t have a police department (we contract with the Sheriff), we have a volunteer fire department, and most of our roads are two lane black tops. The property tax revenue that would have come from apartments is not enough to fund burden on our schools and infrastructure.

  • CSP

    I’m with the mayor on this one. I’ve never liked seeing charges of racism thrown about on mere circumstantial evidence, as was the case in your article.

  • CSP

    Oh, and I’m sure you realize just how ridiculously easy it would be to take a handful of stats (percentage of African-American/minority residents, etc.) and twist them into insinuating that the Park Cities are two of the most racist cities in the state. But it’s easier for D to poke at little old Sunnyvale than at the heart of its own readership and advertiser base, no?

  • @CSP: I can assure you that if Highland Park were held in contempt by a court for failing to take agreed-upon action to alter the zoning practices that were kiboshing low-income housing — as Sunnyvale was — we would write about it. I hope you read Korosec’s article.

  • Deb

    It took me about 42 seconds after we moved back here to realize that “apartment people” has becoe code for “brown people” in this town.

  • Jean Val Jean

    I DID read the article. Korosec implies that Sunnyvale residents the reason the town built its own school was to keep away from the Blacks & Hispanics, with absolutely no proof.

    His main reference to the attitude of the town (and the quote that adorns the photo) is from someone who, by their own admission, is “on the outs” with the town.

    Definitely with the mayor on this one. And I’d never even heard of Sunnyvale until today.

  • Sport

    Jean Val Jean, You haven’t missed a thing. It’s just a boring little hick town east of Dallas.

  • Joy

    It’s diverse by ethnicity (32% minority residents) but not by socioeconomic status.

  • fred

    Then how about a story explaining how HPISD was able to get out of the DISD desegregation suit despite sending black students living in servant’s quarters to DISD “colored” schools? You might mention that the judge over the case was a Parkie.

  • PR

    Joy, actually that is not true. While we do have our share of residents who are wealthy, many of the homes in Sunnyvale are in the 2,000- 2,500 square foot range. And, even the original Judge in the case said that Sunnyvale only needed approximately 80 homes/apartments that are considered “affordable” to be considered socioeconomically diverse. The problem is a developer swooped in with plans to build more than 250 apartments and our small town and schools cannot handle density.

  • KR

    Very poor journalism on Mr. Korosec’s part. Next time, a least try to verify that your source is legit.

  • Check Your Facts

    I would think D Magazine would have a process to verify the facts and sources prior to publishing. The 2010 census data is public information they could have referred to prior to making false statements.

  • CollinBabs

    This article was worded (and placed) to be nothing but incendiary. I think your smear campaign was unnecessary. If a town doesn’t want apartments and is concerned about overcrowding schools and overwhelming city services, I say more power to ’em. The race baiting serves no purpose. White people live in apartments, too.

  • Chris

    I am very disappointed in a magazine who advertises to Texans and then purposely goes against a small town in Texas. The fact is if you wanted this article for anything but headlines you would have done more research on the community before printing.

  • Fair Journalism, Please

    D Magazine is usually a well-written, professionally-researched publication. So I think D should be ashamed of itself for printing Korosec’s incendiary, reflexive, find-facts-to-match-your-hyperbolic-headline article.

    Sunnyvale, with only 16 acres of space to work with, has – for decades – built itself up to be a “country” setting close to a thriving metropolis. The entire article was contrived out of one simple fact: the town has neutral zoning ordinances that limit the residential density on any given piece of land. There is no evidence of hostility towards minorities, lower socioeconomic individuals, or anyone else. In fact, it seems the town is trying really hard to do things right – the area is pretty, the roads aren’t crowded, the streets are quiet, the houses are well-kept, the crime is low, and the schools are exemplary. It is clear why people would want to live there – what is not clear is why ICP seems to think everyone’s entitled to demand they get to do so.

    Reading between the outlandish, biased comments of Korosec’s article, it seems to me that the real story should have been that ICP, a group that is supposedly about fighting for fair housing, has sued the town because the organization wasn’t allowed to build *its own* (highly lucrative) housing complex in the precise place and manner it wanted. Looking forward to that groundbreaking piece.

  • Let’s be honest about this situation. I always say “If you want to know the driving force behind most controversies, follow the money.” The developers who sued Sunnyvale for low-income housing more than likely don’t have a humanitarian bone in their bodies. Instead, I think they see an opportunity to “cash in” on a situation where the amenities, life style, and desirablility of the town have already been developed and paid for by the current residents. They can move in without investing a red cent in the future prosperity of the town. I moved here because of similar developers in my former community. Basically, I see them as economic scavengers. People who wish to believe that this town is biased or racist will not be swayed. Why worry about it?

  • Lee

    The truth about Sunnyvale and low income housing has stretch back for 30 years. What Mayor Phaup wont say is, that they have lost every court decision based on strategy of low-density land-use. What Mayor Phaup ( a warehouse manager in Wiley Texas) can’t seem to understand is the fact that you cannot require people or land developers to only provide one acre homes in Sunnyvale.
    The the real fact about Sunnyvale can be adequately seen at one of Sunnyvale’s P&Z meetings when board member Morgan stood up and shouted ” We DON”T WANT THOSE TYPES OF PEOPLE IN OUR TOWN” when referring to low income people. In the audience people could be heard saying how are blacks go to catch buses when we don’t even allow DART and our Town. Mayor Phaup iI guess is not only blind but also hard of hearing since he was at that meeting, but claims he has never heard a discouraging word against blacks. I also guess he forgot he was against the high school and even had vote no signs in his yard before being talked into taking them down by the school board.
    You can also talk to any business that has tried to do business in Sunnyvale and you will hear a reoccurring theme, Sunnyvale is anti-business, many businesses have refused to even consider Sunnyvale because of the ridiculous rules and regulations and building requirements.
    Mayor Phaup should also try to explain why a certain hate group in Sunnyvale were going door to door two years ago in a election year telling people that one of the candidates Saja George, who is a upstanding Christian from India, was being portrayed by that hate group as a Muslim.
    Mayor Phaup should also try to explain why certain individuals at Town Hall tried to keep a black woman’s application from being presented to the Council for the 4A development board.
    The truth is always hard to find when being covered up by people who wear rose-colored glasses.

  • D

    I am a public school teacher that moved to Sunnyvale from Mesquite about 9 years ago so my kids could get a quality education in a wholesome, positive, environment. Sunnyvale is very diverse in race and from my experience & observations, available to anyone who works hard and wants to live in a town with nice neighborhoods. For example, at my address, I have minority families living on both sides of my house and across the street. from me. Unfortunately, there are some negative things I have seen within Sunnyvale as well. For unknown reasons to me, there are people within the town that will lie about anything and everything with no regard to the people it may effect. Those type of people usually poke their heads out around election time with letters that circulate around town with untrue, slanderous attacks about the Mayor, or other town counsel candidates. My point is, don’t believe everything you read and consider the sources.

    I agree with everything the Mayor stated in his letter and think that D magazine should be ashamed of itself for even publishing this article without investigating further. If they had, they would have published a very different article.

  • KTR

    To start with, the title slapped on the magazine cover “Whitest Town in North Texas: How Sunnyvale has successfully fought for 24 years to keep black people out” was divisive, inflammatory, and sensationalistic; not to mention factually false: 2010 census data show that Sunnyvale is more diverse than cities/towns such as: Highland Park, University Park, Heath, Lucas, Trophy Club, Colleyville, Keller, Fairview, Southlake, Flower Mound, Prosper, Corinth, Roanoke, Rockwall, Bedford, Grapevine, Wylie, Hurst, Anna, Frisco, White Settlement, Coppell, Allen, McKinney, Mineral Wells…to name a few.

    Ironically and tragically, by thoughtlessly labeling the entire town as racist on the magazine’s cover, D Magazine and Mr. Korosec have done more damage to Sunnyvale’s potential for diversity growth than any apartment complex could repair.

    We moved to Sunnyvale because of the wide-open spaces and rural landscape of the town, and also because the diversity here is greater than any of the other North Texas cities with exemplary public school districts (Highland Park, Carroll, Lovejoy and Frisco). My own street in Sunnyvale has homes with appraised values ranging from $50,000 to $500,000+, occupied by people of Middle Eastern, African-American, Hispanic, and Indian heritages; but none of that matters–we are simply friends and neighbors who watch out for one another.

    We wish D Magazine and others would take another look at Sunnyvale by visiting our schools, parks, and businesses to see for themselves how welcoming the people of Sunnyvale are, and the diversity which is embraced by the community.

  • CN

    After reading the article and reading Lee’s comment above, it sounds like he’s the one that is hateful and has an agenda. He now seems determined to ruin those that have scorned him vs. trying to make Sunnyvale a better place to live. Let’s focus on the solution vs. the problems of past. I’d like to hear his thoughts on how bringing low-income housing will improve the Sunnyvale community. I think we’ve ruled out bringing diversity. Go . . .

  • PR

    @Lee (Lee Adams who was referenced and quoted in Korosec’s article) is the town crank — or more accurately, the village idiot.

    He is best known and ridiculed for his “newspaper” he published in town. It was full of grammatical errors, typos, run-on sentences, conspiracies, misspelled words, etc. The middle school newspaper in town is far superior to his nonsense.

    But you really can’t criticize someone for their lack of intelligence. You can, however, point out their lack of integrity. Lee’s claim in his posting that Mayor Phaup “was against the high school and even had vote no signs in his yard” is just not true.

    I served on the vote yes committee for the high school and Jim Phaup was a strong supporter of the campaign, provided his endorsement and guidance for the election.

    Like any small town there are several political factions. In Sunnyvale, even the competing factions agree that Lee Adams is the village idiot.

    Lee, please go sell crazy somewhere else. The fine folks of Sunnyvale just are not buying.

  • Hmmmmmm????

    This is about Money. Developers are in business to maximize profits and don’t care about much else. Usually the higher density the housing the more money they can make.

    What are the real motives of people or entities that go out of their way to create inflamatory issues as those raised in the article? Examples could be: a magazine trying to generate higher circulation numbers, an attorney trying to influence future jury members for a lawsuit, and individuals with financial interests that maybe maximized by influencing zoning changes.

    When you read something you need to consider the motives and reach your own conclusions if the true story has been presented.

  • pat wiley

    This has nothing to do about race. The reporter called and asked me two questions 1.ARE YOU A RACIST ? MY ANSWER WAS NO. question2. DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST POOR PEOPLE ? MY ANSWER WAS NO. I tried to get Dmagazine not to print the article the way it was reported. I even told them of my son’s accident that left him disabled and he might have to some day live in goverment assistance living. It did not make any difference to the reporter it was going to be black and white with no grey area.

  • P$

    Mayor Phaup quotes 32% of Sunnvayle are minorities in his town that he has been Mayor for going on 14 years. There is a lot of non-sensical information the mayor reports (Old library? Info from School students that where in grade 6 when the new high school was built) and personal attacks on the people providing the information.

    Mayor Phaup could have provided information that 32% of the town work force are minorities. Mayor Phaup could have provided information that 32% of the department heads are a minority and that the Mayor’s hand picked town manager of nearly 10 years, Scott Campbell, has 32% minorities as department heads. Mayor Phaup could have provided information that 32% of maintenance contractors hired by the town are minority. Mayor Phaup could have provided that the town uses 32% minority owned businesses for the servicing of town hall and maintenace agreements. Mayor Phaup could have provided information that the professional contractors (lawyers, computer specialist, bond administrators, civil engineering firms, etc.) are 32% minority. Mayor Phaup could have provided information that the Planning & Zoning Board, Board of Adjustments, 4A Economic Development Board, 4B Board, the Hwy 190 Route Committee, the Home rule Committee, the Library Board, or any other board or Committee in the past, present or future has 32% minorities.

    Mayor Phaup has close ties and major support from the Sunnyvale I.S.D. and the Mayor and the Town Council have control over the school district and school board, Mayor Phaup could have reported how many board members, school administrators, teachers, coaches, maitenance, and school support contractors are a minority?

    Mayor Phaup could have reported that the council is made up of 32% minorities.

    Mayor Phaup please eliminate your bloviating; Have your town manager provide to D magazine how many asian americans, african americans, asian indian americans, and other minorities sectors make up the 100’s of people the town does business, work with town, employeed by the town, and have been appointed to boards, committees, and work for the S.I.S.D.? If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, Mr. Mayor maybe it is a white duck!

    None of this information was provided, I wonder why?

  • SV

    Sorry, Pat, no one is buying that. You have a very close relationship with Lee Adams so surely you talked with the “village idiot” about what you should tell the reporter. Sadly, Lee’s hatred for Sunnyvale has rubbed off on you. Whenever you are up for reelection, the voters will be booting you out of office.

  • P$

    Ironic that the Town of Sunnyvale is now in the newly drawn County Commissioner’s Court district that (if elected) will have John Wiley Price as commission. Straighten them out John!

  • PR

    P$ = Village Idiot

  • Village Idiot

    P$. All of the information you mention is publicly available. You obviously have a computer so please use it before making allegations that make no sense. Hint: the 2010 census is a good place to start.

  • pat wiley


  • Stonecanres

    My question is to Mr. Korosec…why did you not do your homework when choosing the people you choose to interview? You choose two of the most disrespected citizens from this town. Oh excuse me, one citizen and one village idiot that now lives in Garland. How could you possibly expect to get a legitimate article from a man who has a vendetta against this town? Mr. Adams was never successful at ANY endeavor he tried. He failed at a food stand. He failed at a psuedo newspaper. He failed at a radio station attempt. He failed at a run for Mayor. He failed at a run for council. Now he blames Sunnyvale for his ineptness. I guess the only thing he has succeeded at, is being a Villiage Idiot. Mr. Wiley seems to be his best friend and confidant, so that leads some to question Mr. Wileys integrity. Now with this skewed article, they have shown their hatred for Sunnyvale. What a shame that you, Mr. Korosec did not go to our school and interview them. Or, why did you not find someone at least to represent the other side? Shameful and certainly NOT PROFESSIONAL reporting.

  • BM

    If anyone ever bothered to read that joke of a newspaper that Lee Adams put out, they would know that he isn’t interested in the truth. His “paper” was full of nothing but hateful gossip and political rhetoric and his opinion on EVERYTHING. What was even worse were his misspelled words( many, many of them), his run on sentences that lasted for entire paragraphs and his frequent misuse of words.(ie writing Marine Crops intead of Marine Corps or saying he was having a guess rather than guest.) It’s difficult to believe anyone would take this man seriously. Frankly, he was (and still is) the joke of the town. I didn’t know he ever ran for Mayor or council…Thank God that didn’t work out for him. This town would probably not even exist any more. It is too bad someone like this can get anyone to listen to them. Wake up D magazine. Get better informants and good information from reliable sources. Stop listening to bitter, old ner-do-wells who will do anything for attention.

  • Sammy

    No matter all the hullabaloo about minorities and poor people and yard signs and black restaurants that white people hang out in, the people who have focused on the money and developers are right. In fact, in and around Dallas (and practically everywhere else in the US!) you can almost always track it back to the money to be made by a developer.

  • PR

    Good gosh Lee. What an interesting fantasy world you live in. I am absolutely no fan of Jim Wade but I do not believe for a second that he used that expression.

    Honestly, when I first read your comments I was hoping D Magazine would remove them. But since your mindless drivel is doing you more harm than good, I say “keep digging”!

    You truly are the village idiot.

  • Ronnie

    Once again Lee, your “facts” are wrong. I pointed out that Evergreen project was red tagged because they were not using correct exterior products as they promised. They couldnt have kids living in a project under construction. I also pointed out they list a loan from the Town of Sunnyvale on their application to the state they didn’t have. But, nothing new to see you ignoring the truth.

  • Lee has trouble with Facts

    Lee Adams recent post shows you the wrecklessness with which he provides comments. I don’t understand his motives but I do believe he is single handedly trying to scare away minorities from Sunnyvale by creating his ficticious record and continued false statements. Lee please shut your dam pie hole as you are the problem.

    Anyone can google the racist quote in the article and read the court document on the alleged racist statement from 1985 and see the name of the individual on council that it is attributed to but it is clearly not Jim Wade. Please stop spreading lies.

  • bill morgan

    Springtime isn’t here yet, but Sunnyvale’s nut is in full bloom–another Lee Adams’lie a few blogs above this one has my wife creating a nasty scene at Town Hall, the same setting he had for a string of his lies about her and me a couple of years ago.

    If any of you dozens of targets of Lee’s pathological lying have gotten past your disgust and can feel pity for him, please let me know how you did it.

    To the five or six fast responding bloggers who used Lee’s well deserved nickname The Village idiot, a question: You have to figure there are at least a few hundred honest, pleasant idiots, given the thousands of villages there are around the world, so are you being fair to them when you include them in a group with our village idiot? Just asking?.

    Bill Morgan

  • P$

    Mr. Morgan, your wife, Lavien Morgan was a board member on the P & Z board when reviewing I.C.P.’s application for Low Income Housing (LIH). Mrs. Morgan was telling the I.C.P. lawyers at that public hearing that “THOSE people (LIH) needs a place to shop” which assumes “THOSE” people do not have cars. (In attendance of that meeting was most of the council, Mayor Byrd, then Citizen Phaup, and a packed town hall of citizens.) Mrs. Morgan said in the same rant “Those” people needed buses to “GIT” (Mrs. Morgan’s term) around” again assuming that without public transportation “those” people would have to walk. Again it sounds if Mr. Morgan has personal experience with village idiots and racists.

    Mr. Morgan, please go back and read the article D magazine wrote about racism in Sunnyvale back in Sept. of 1988; the article called “Don’t Mess with Sunnyvale”. I am guessing that Mr. Adams was not the source for that article.

    One would assume Mr. Morgan might consider that the wafer thin glass house Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lives in would preclude him from making character assasinations on anyone considering his wife’s recorded comments.

    It took Mayor Byrd several months to remove Mrs. Morgan from the P & Z Board, evidently Mayor Byrd needed to find his backbone after the election of Councilman Pat Wiley.

  • TS

    @P$ …Your affection for Pat Wiley shows who you are. You are the councilmember that got Ms. Morgan removed from the Planning and Zoning Committee, not Mayor Byrd. And Ms. Morgan was an alternate and only served a couple of times. Mayor Phaup NEVER attended a P & Z meeting as he was no longer mayor. Ms . Morgan never made any such remarks. Look at the minutes of that so called meeting. You and Mr Adams seem to have problems with the truth. Again, such hatred for Sunnyvale. You have said in an email how much you “hate Sunnyvale and her stupid citizens”. What a shame you ever got elected riding anothers coat tails.
    Oh, and since you are not running…..Good riddance…

  • gansito

    I’ve lived in Sunnyvale for a year and moved here because of the rural character of the town and excellent schools. I am as Mexican-American as they come and have lived in Texas for the past 22 years. I have experienced my share of ignorant folks that are afraid to be lab partners with a “Mexican” (at my beloved Texas A&M), live next door to an “illegal” (helloooo Farmers Branch!), sell gas to my “type” (middle-of-nowhere Panhandle), or pull me over for no apparent reason. But I haven’t let the bad taste of those encounters nor the color of my skin define who I am. I came to Sunnyvale expecting to encounter some of these ignorant people (every school, town, city, state, country has their share) who are afraid of those that don’t look like them. But so far I’ve been extremely impressed with Sunnyvale and its residents. So let me share the town from my point of view.

    I’ve logged close to 1000 miles in my running shoes on Sunnyvale’s 2-lane roads and encountered mostly friendly hand waves and smiles from home owners, ranchers, drivers, and cyclists. The only odd stares I’ve received have come from cattle and a few territorial dogs.

    I attended the HS football homecoming game and was delighted to see such diversity at play. Not only in the stands, but also the players in the field and the kids that were part of the homecoming party.

    I’ve patronized most every restaurant in town and have been delighted with the food, service and close-knit atmosphere all around.

    In past stops, I’ve never felt the need to get involved in town government, but living in such an inviting town has changed that. Both my wife and I have become frequent attendees at town hall and have always felt like we belong there. I’ve been encouraged to stay involved by various members of the council as well as both the current and past Major.

    It is a shame that this article was poorly researched and certainly guarantees that I will not renew my subscription to D Magazine. Maybe Sunnyvale has not always been this diverse, but it is now, and I’m living proof of it. Proof that if you build enough sweat equity, you’ll be able to afford to live in a nice place like Sunnyvale. A place with excellent schools and an involved community that cares and elects board members that have a backbone and won’t let developers come in and throw the race card so that they can make a quick buck. I don’t care if you are black, brown, white or anything in between. As long as you are a good neighbor who has paid your dues with hard work, then I’ll welcome you to my town.

  • PR

    Now I know what councilmember Pat Wiley skips so many council meetings. He doesn’t have the courage to stand in front of the citizens he so despises.

  • HR

    I don’t live in sunnyvale but, glad i dont with these baseless facts ,how do you know this lee is not telling the truth maybe you should wait and see the results from court records.. I assume there is only 5 hateful people in town writing this stupid crap. grow up this is not HIGH SCHOOL I’M SORRY YOU DIDN’T MAKE THE CHHERLEADING SQUAD

  • No Brainer

    Well, well, well, Guess Lee has found another email for his rants. There are 5 hateful people in Sunnyvale writing this stupid crap? Let’s see….there are: PR, CSP, fred, KR, CollinBabs, Chris, D, KTR, CN, SV, Stonecanres, BM, Ronnie, TS, ganisto, No Brainer. I count at least 16 of these so called haters. They all seem quite intelligent. Except for P$, Lee and his buddy Pat Wiley. Maybe someone needs to learn to count again. But putting that a side, the village idiot will continue, or try to continue his hateful, illiterate rants.
    Cheerleading squad HR? Now there’s a real intelligent remark. But consider the source.


    Hey, PS, (would your last name be Ant?)

    So you’re the one who’s been peeping in the windows of that paper-thin house that “”Lavien” and I “lives” in. You and your two politically genius pals are as loose with your facts as you are with the language andbdou Lavinai0house that “Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lives in.”” That’s probably how you found out how long it took Mayor Byrd to “git” rid of her on the P &Z board.

    What, I ask you, is our domocacy coming to when a new mayor can’t just take folks out back and blow their heads off.
    Your “rant” was yas usual pretty far off the mark, you know, a bunch of lies

    1. La Venia Morgan, my wife was an alternate on the P&Z for one term and did not reapply so Byrd wasn’t saddled with havikng to remove her, didn’t do any ranting (which appears to be a favorite term used by you and your two pals — you creative hot0sgi

    ave any real character assassination fodder to spread;

    2. I don’t know a Lavien Morgan who was a member of the P&Z and ranted. Are you as sure of your other “facts” as you are of this garbage;

    3. As to me being familiar with racists, my family has run into a few of those nuts, especially my life-long Ramirez cousins and a few of their children who have married other friends of ours with other Hispanic surnames. If we were of that bent, we could do some loud multi-linguall ranting at our annual family reunions; however, my son can claim more local Hispanic ties, having lived in Little Mexico th last 22 years where Pancho Medrano was his hero, mentor and landlord.

    I, am far less familiar \with the lack of logic, ethics and morality shown by certain village idiots. But I’m anxious ro learn. Please keep in touch.

    Bill Morgan

  • andy

    Lee is known to be a “quack”, he is mad at the town because when he bought a BBQ stand in Sunnyvale, the city required him to live up to sanitary requirements, I made the mistake of buying BBQ there and he always talked about how hard the city was on him (his BBQ was horrable and he didn’t stay in business long)

    I think its interesting that the article talks about how Sunnyvale residents don’t want minorities, but the only person they talked to that lived in Sunnyvale is white,,I have neighbors of different colors, and they are great neighbors and seem very happy to live here, but I guess that wouldn’t make a very itneresting article for “D”

  • Jane

    This is not racial discrimination, it is simply economic discrimination. I personally don’t like living in areas near apartment complexes, because transient residents cause problems and don’t seem to care, because they are moving away soon. Transient people that move here from other states cause the most problems for Texans.

  • Mex In The Sun

    Isn’t it racist to imply that only African-Americans live in low income housing? Yeah, I thought so. Great job, D Magazine. (That’s sarcasm in case there is any doubt.)
    Signed, A Mexican (read: minority) happily living in Sunnyvale 10 years +

  • Down with Hillbillies

    I am happy to have discovered this article before it went into the great Sunnyvale archive along with the tale of the Superintendent and the Middle School P.E. coach who somehow managed to keep their jobs while looking the other way when students were sexually assaulting each other.

    I’ve been living in Sunnyvale for 3 years, and its just like many of the other cities I have seen grow up living in North Texas for the last 35 years. Eventually enough educated and progressive minded people will move to Sunnyvale and shake all the under-qualified, ignorant, racist, hillbillies that have lived in Sunnyvale for 50 years out of the administration of the town and the schools. I am certainly hoping it happens sooner than later.

  • Not D Magazine

    D Magazine is only interested in sensational headlines to get you good people to read their web site, click their ads, and pay for their magazine at the grocery checkout. They could care less about your community, don’t care about your hearts, your minds, or anything else for that matter.

    Don’t waste your time falling for their well trapped bait.

    Spend your time productively improving your community, rather than wasting one moment of your precious life worrying about what Other People think about your Town. Use this article as MOTIVATION to get to know your Town and GET INVOLVED! Even if it’s in some small way, like:

    – Get to know your neighbors, rather than wondering if they are “like” you.
    – Welcome a new family to you community. Be supportinve.
    – Remain aware of Town activities, and offer your services where you may be of help.
    – Respect your neighbors and your town by keeping a well kept home, no matter the size or situation.
    – Drive respectfully on your Town streets. Keep an eye out for others and their property as if it were your own.
    – Check on an elederly neighbor. Offer assistance, perhaps even a ride to a doctor, or a grocery run.

    Being respectful of others in your Town is FAR more important than tearing down others.

    But it sure doesn’t sell advertising or subscriptions.

    Thanks, D Magazine, for once again insulting the intelligence of your audience to gain attention for yourself. Something which you have a long, long history of doing. May your publication Rest in Peace. And the sooner the better.

  • Sad

    As a resident of Sunnyvale I am saddened by the complete lack of facts, and in all actuality, morality.
    1. I myself can not afford to live in highland park … I do not go around and take highland park to court… Means I have to work work harder. It’s sad to see people always try to get something without effort in this day and age. I am an immigrant to this country and worked by way up from living in one room without a bed. I also worked really hard to live somewhere nice and feel like I have earned every dollar by hard work. To live somewhere while expecting the rest to pay for your lifestyle is just plan sickening.