Sean Salisbury Wants to Make a Comeback

A few years ago, Sean Salisbury was living in Dallas, working as an analyst for ESPN. Then some other stuff happened. Now, after years of battling depression and paranoia, he tells the New York Daily News and sports writer Jeff Pearlman that he’s ready for a comeback. Salisbury will do TV, radio, anything you want. He says he’s hit rock bottom and he promises he learned from his mistakes. (Translation: give him a job and he won’t show anyone his junk.) He also says he has a journal full of dirt he could spill on his former colleagues in the sports media, if he wanted do. But he doesn’t, because he says he’s “not into getting guys suspended and taking their careers away.”


  • Lakewoody

    where does he live in Dallas? an apartment? I bet The Village.

  • BrandonS

    His dirt journal could be titillating, just as long as he doesn’t spill sex stories about his former radio co-host John Clayton. No thank you.