Scott Griggs, Friend of Jason Roberts’, Endorses Domingo Garcia, Opponent of Jason Roberts’

Dan Koller, over at Oak Cliff People, has some news about Scott Griggs’ endorsement for the 33rd Congressional District seat. Griggs is a member of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and one of the owners of Oddfellows. Jason Roberts is a member of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and one of the owners of Oddfellows. Griggs announced his endorsement of Domingo Garcia a few days ago. Roberts seems to think Griggs is endorsing both him and Garcia. Check out Koller’s work for more detail.


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  • Chicken

    WTF? Griggs was at Jason’s first fundraiser last week. Hmmm…

  • Buck

    The Garcia endorsement makes sense if you assume Griggs wants to run for a higher office. Garcia can deliver PAC money while Roberts can deliver…. hats.

  • IHasAHat

    When I’m elected I will make sure we give everyone a silly hat and then we will take pallets and shipping containers and repurpose them into trolley cars so we can all take the trolley and get ice cream and then we will make a law that all cars have to be pedal cars or possibly those Flintstone type cars that run on feet power and we will take dumpsters full of water and make swimming pools for every house in the district and banjos, lots of banjos and we will make sure not to give medication to ADHD kids so they can ramble on and on about, where did I put my hat, and we will build better temporary blocks and ride our bicycles anywhere we want once the Flintstone cars are not allowed to be on the streets because that’s the way they do it in Copenhagen or some other place that I think is cool and try to copy all of their ideas and pass them off as my own all the while wearing funny clothes made of itchy tweed and did I mention the trolley?

  • VoteForMe

    Hello my fine friends, I am Jason Roberts, a man of great and fantastical accomplishment. In Dallas I once accomplished, wait I guess that really didn’t have any effect on anything. That’s ok because I am also a man of brilliant ideas. Once I had the idea to, wait I copied that from Portland, or was it Paris. Oh, I remember I copied it from Copenhagen. Oops. Well, anyway I ride a bicycle and I want your vote. If you want to elect a man who promises to ride a bicycle I am that man.

  • Donatella

    After spending 2+ weeks as a juror in a civil trial listening to Domingo Garcia pontificate and obfuscate, I would vote for Jason from Friday the 13th before I would vote for DG.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    You’re mocking Jason’s “bright ideas”, well wait til you get a load of:

    – Marc Veasay: “I’ll need to check with the Congressional House Democratic leadership before I take a position.”
    – Domingo Garcia: “What about Latinos, and by ‘Latinos’ I mean THIS Latino (two thumbs pointed at himself).

    I’ll take the funny hats and bikes for 200.

  • Jughead

    Donatella, Enrique and Jason,

    Welcome to Dallas politics. You will see a lot of posts similar to IHasAHat and VoteForMe. If Jason is smart, he will ignore them. If Jason is not politically savvy, he and his hat will obsess over blog posts to the detriment of his campaign. Does he want to win? Then he needs to raise money. Lots of it.

  • ts

    Domingo Garcia should start wearing a sombrero to negate Jason’s arm-bar on the hat lobby.