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Sarah Hepola: Where’s the Next Gloria Steinem?

By Tim Rogers |

Sometime D Magazine contributor Sarah Hepola landed her first story in the Times Sunday Styles section. In it, she asks where the next Gloria Steinem is. After offering a couple possible new leaders of the feminist movement, Sara says the issue has grown more complicated since Steinem was in the fight:

The big political issues of yesteryear have been supplanted by messier sociocultural questions that a new generation debates in its own patois of activism, with terms like “rape culture” and “slut shaming” and “fat positive” and “cisgender.” And so the 21st century labors on with a more inchoate sense of feminist leadership.

Sarah asked Steinem her thoughts:

“Only a diverse group can symbolize a movement,” she said. As for whether there should be another Gloria Steinem, she replied, “I don’t think there should have been a first one.”

And now I need to go google “cisgender.”