Real Housewives of Dallas Cast Revealed

An alert FrontBurnervian points us to the Reality Tea blog, which appears to have the scoop on long-rumored Real Housewives of Dallas. If the lineup is correct, two of the ladies surprise me. Tiffany Mullen? Sure. But Lisa Troutt and Rhonda Aikman? In any case, our Laura Kostelny must already be licking her chops.

UPDATE, 11 a.m.:   Andy Cohen, vice president of programming for Bravo says via Twitter that Real Housewives of Dallas is not happening.


  • Noreen

    You cannot honestly believe this. Bravo is shifting to scripted TV and they’re going to ADD a tanking Housewives show??? No way. You got some very bad info here.

  • Brandon

    Sean Hannity and Bill Maher have agreed to rename this show “The C-Words and T-Words of Dallas”

  • Anne

    This sounded phony from the beginning. I heard it on KRLD this morning. The cast was suspicious from the start. I could not see why Lisa Troutt or Rhonda Aikman would even be remotely interested in doing that stupid show. I hope it never comes to Dallas.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Durn. I was looking forward to photobombing that show nonstop. I was going to make it my life’s mission. Guess it’s back to the beehives for me.

  • Donatella

    Had a friend who worked for Bravo several years ago and saw potential participant interviews for Real Housewives of Dallas. The focus group reaction to the women featured was lukewarm at best. Not enough “big name” crazy socialites willing to go through the process–that’s why we’ll have to settle for Big Rich Texas.