Play-N-Skillz Et Al. Rock My World With “Dallas Freaks”

WARNING: This video is NOT safe for work.

Now this is how you make Dallas world class. Forget the Arts District and the Large Marge. They won’t do it like this. The musical artists Play-N-Skillz, Dorrough, Too Short, and Bay Bay have collaborated on a song called “Dallas Freaks,” the gist of which is that, in their opinion, Dallas has the best freaks (“freaks” being a term for women that are, let’s say, sexually active). If these gentlemen can get their message out, that will move the needle. If the brass at Boeing had seen this video, no way would they have decided to move to Chicago.

Did I mention that the video is NSFW?


  • D. Shapiro

    Irving sounds nice.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    Tim, I think you made a mistake when adding the “filed under” tags. Somehow you included “entertainment”.

    Obviously a typo.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    Man, that Old Spice theme just sticks in my head.

  • cbs

    Isn’t this simply the stolen “I’m a Dallas Mavericks Fan” song? Stay Klassy Dallas (see what I did there with the”K”?)!

  • Thank you, Tim. For keeping it real.