Leading Off (3/9/12)

Inmate Escapes While Cleaning Up Courthouse Flood. Dallas County inmates were cleaning up “brown water” from a flood at the Frank Crowley Courthouse Thursday when one of the prisoners decided to absent himself from the courthouse. Juan Ramirez, as of the last report I could find last night, is still at large. For the record, that’s inmates + brown liquid from pipes 2, authorities 0.

Emily Horton’s Client Is Not Justin Bieber. So he’d appreciate it if you quit calling him, because even though the Biebs kinda tweeted his number this week, hinting he’d answer, he is indeed not Justin Bieber, and doesn’t want to be your baby, baby, baby or your boyfriend. Sorry. He’s sure you’re very nice, though.

White Powder Letters Originating from Dallas, Grapevine.  More white powder letters were found in Washington D.C. with Dallas and Grapevine postmarks. If this is you, stop it. It’s stupid. Send these instead.

FW PD: The Internet is NOT for Porn. The Internet is for porn, unless, of course, you’re at work and especially if you are a police captain and you are um, doing what the third paragraph of this story says.

Dallas Blooms Is Dallas Boon. According to MSN.com, Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum is one of the 10 places in the whole entire world you should go see spring blooms. The whole world, people.


  • Seven

    Go (Pacific Division-leading) Stars!

  • J bennett

    It is SO good to hear about something SO very beautiful and positive in the world press of news about Dallas and the Arboretum…it IS wonderful…happy Spring everyone go and enjoy this is this part of the planet…happy!

  • Avenue Q is exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you, Bethany.

  • downtown_worker

    “self gratification while on duty and in uniform.”
    I think as long as he was using a tissue and didn’t get it on his uniform, it’s all good.

  • Daniel

    That’s just the way the paper reports it to gin up a little lurid controversy — when actually, the internal police document reads “self gratification while on duty, nude, knock-kneed, flushed and husky.” So it’s not like he was soiling public property. Give the guy a break — do we want to become a society of scolds?