Leading Off (3/30/2012)

Jason Roberts Hits the Big Time. How do you know when you’ve arrived in this digital age? When someone makes a spoof account for you on Twitter. The latest person to get this treatment is congressional candidate Jason Roberts. My other favorite fake account? Fake Dan Beebe. If you are on Twitter, are a Big 12 fan at all and enjoy laughing, you should follow that one, too. You’re welcome.

Romney Visits Texas, Endorses, Gets Endorsed. Mittens Gromit Romney came to Dallas on Wednesday for a private fundraiser. Then he endorsed Jason Villalba in the House District 114 Republican primary, but not Craig James, who did not kill five hookers while at SMU.  Then Thursday former President George H.W. Bush endorsed Romney in Houston, and wore periwinkle socks.

Former 635 Traffic Gets the Royal Treatment. So Interstate 635 is a complete hot mess, and nobody wants to drive on it. So where do they go? Royal Lane, much to the chagrin of people who actually live around Royal Lane.

North Texas Municipal Water District Lifts Water Restrictions. Lake levels are higher, so the NTMWD has agreed to lift water restrictions for customers to Stage 3, which means they can water once a week, as opposed to the once every two weeks it has been. So go water your grass, people, so it can turn brown by the end of June.


  • Stacy L.

    We in Allen have been under Stage 3 restrictions since Nov. 1, so the NTMWD isn’t “lifting” anything. The twice-monthly watering restriction was supposed to end at the end of March, anyway (I’m that weird one who reads her utility bill inserts), so I’m not sure why a “relaxation of restrictions” was put to a vote.

    If the vote was to not move to Stage 4, that would’ve made more sense. I’m picky like that, though.

  • CollinBabs

    We in Plano were in Stage 3 “enhanced” which meant twice monthly watering. “Lifted” means we’re now just Stage 3 at once per week beginning April 1. This is a welcome change and hopefully we’ve learned that lawns can survive on less water but it’s the trees/shrubs/foundations which must be watered more often. Luckily with drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and handwatering my landscape survived pretty well. I can deal with once weekly use of my sprinkler system and will continue to practice conservation.

  • Mike

    As bad as Royal and Forest are deteriorating due to the construction traffic, I hope they are planning on replacing them when they are done with 635.