Jason Roberts Is Running for Congress

Jason Roberts, Oak Cliff Renaissance Man, had 24 hours to raise $2,000 for application fees in order to file to run for Congress. He made that goal, and it’s official: he’s running for the 33rd Congressional District. Well, it’s not exactly official yet. He’s in New York. His wife is here getting together the last of the paperwork. So, as Roberts says, “As long as there are no issues, it should be a go!”

I wonder how much I’ll be seeing #buildabettercongress in the next few days.


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38 responses to “Jason Roberts Is Running for Congress”

  1. Steve says:

    Step one: Lose the hat.

  2. Rep. David Crockett wore a hat, and he was in Congress. I say, keep the hat.

  3. P Graves says:

    Hat needs to stay for the first term. Every populist needs a schtick, and it’s a good counter point to Domingo toupee and mustache.

  4. Darren says:

    Follow @OakCliffJason for “updates” on his campaign (possibly NSFW)

  5. Jerry says:

    Someone should tell him we know he’s bald.

    He wouldn’t take the hat off while sitting at dinner with Michele Obama, so he probably won’t take it off to run for Congress. And anyway, the flat cap is an integral part of the Oak Cliff hipster uniform.

  6. OC OG says:

    I see. Gentrification is the new Populism. Got it.

  7. bill holston says:

    I don’t understand the antagonism about Jason. He’s a good guy, who is putting it all out there to try to make the city into a place he wants to live and raise a family. Good for you Jason, best wishes.

  8. Tashon says:

    Jason IS a good guy who has brought a lot of energy to Oak Cliff.

    AND the reason there is antagonism is he both copies a huge amount from what others already did elsewhere years ago (his uniform, his bikeo lifestyle) and virtually everyone in his inner circle is the affluent white straight hipster hell bent on gentrification.

    Which is fine. Just don’t sell it as progressive and liberal, that’s all.

    AND, he is likable and has a lot of worthwhile ideas. AND he wants them enacted using other people’s tax dollars (see: trolley).

  9. Lynn says:

    Bill, for one thing, “putting it all out there to try to make the city into a place he wants to live and raise a family” is so gaseous and generic that it equally describes every beaver in North America. For another, everyone might not necessarily share the beaver’s idiosyncratic goals.

    Whether or not he’s done anything good for Dallas in Dallas, Jason’s leaving that behind now, and unless his vision is to somehow turn America as a whole into a better block through enlightened legislation that is national in scope, whatever that could possibly be, all he’s really doing is looking to pull some federal pork back home for his pet projects. Like Willie Sutton said of banks, that’s where the money is. Nothing wrong with taking federal tax money and bringing it back home to Dallas, of course, unless your vision is as peculiar and idiosyncratic as a beaver’s. I think with regard to Jason the question’s still out on that.

  10. Asher Roberts says:

    That would be my dad! 😀

  11. P Graves says:

    He’s done good things for the city, and I know few people who dislike him. However, there is nothing wrong with some ribbing of a public personality, especially one who has higher aspirations. Lighten up, Bill. Leadership is lonely.

  12. Ken Duble says:

    In this world, there are positive people who get things done, and there are negative people who go onto these blogs and criticize the sincere efforts of others who try to make a difference. I’m contacting Jason today. I want to volunteer for his campaign.

  13. bakedflounder says:

    I’m sure he’s a great guy that wants to improve Oak Cliff, and he’s proved that. But that is far removed from a Congressional seat. Perhaps a community organizer or city council member may better suit his aspirations. I have only heard about bicycle lanes, streetcars, and neighborhood beautification. Those are local issues, which he’s handling superbly, by the way.

    But I have not heard a broader statement about how he is going improve district 33 for non-bicycle riders for example. And there has never been a mention of fiscal issues either. These items take money and grants are being cut. How will he balance what the entire district needs with his ideal view of what HE thinks it needs?

    Something to ponder

  14. Lynn says:

    Well, gee, Ken, if those are the only two types of people you know, Jason’s gonna need more help, so I’ll be contacting Jason tomorrow and volunteering myself. I’m a third kind of person: I go on these blogs and sincerely tell everyone I’m going to volunteer to help Jason make a difference. Just so everyone will know I’m that good kind of person, not some other kind.

    And Jason himself may be a fourth type, the kind that has his child run cover for him on these blogs.

  15. Tashon says:

    Yeah that’s pretty snarky isnt it? The kid just happened to be sitting around reading a D Magazine blog? I dont think so.

    But then, what politician ever is really authentic about stuff?

    Personally, I think Jason means well. But now, that kid comment thing above really freaks me out. Either it was Jason pretending to be his kid in order to bring a level of ‘moderation’ to the discussion (and that’s pretty weird), or, he actually encouraged his kid to do it (which is even weirder).

    Now who are my other choices…???

  16. Carissa says:

    I agree with Mr. Holston. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jason can do with a bigger platform.

  17. No, our boy doesn’t typically sit around and read Frontburner. But when his dad just announced something as major as this, and he sees press linked to Jason’s Facebook page, then he’s typically curious enough to click on it. Jason has many fans in many cities around the country, but perhaps his biggest fans are here at home cheering him on, and paying attention to what is being said about him.

  18. PUD says:

    You mean this guy is running for Congress? I’m pointing and laughing and slapping my knee! HAHAHA http://oakcliff.advocatemag.com/2012/01/qa-kings-highway-resident-jason-roberts/

  19. Matt says:

    That was fun! I remember Jason getting in front of all those little kids on their bikes and dressing up silly to lead the Mardi Gras parade. My daughter thought he was the coolest guy around.

  20. Scorn says:

    Hey Trolls,

    Has it occurred to you that young people LIVE ONLINE and that the highly literate Asher might have been able to find a link to a news article announcing his dad’s run for Congress?

    Any legitimate gripe you may have just got buried by your ill-advised jump to conclusions.

  21. WalkableDFW says:

    One person’s “gentrification” is another person’s “investment.” And since “even the Mona Lisa” is falling apart, investment means preventing a place from decaying. And thus, why the english language could use a few more words to define the many definitions of gentrification.

  22. rulesdonotapply says:

    Jason will make a great congressman, he already thinks that rules do not apply to him or his family. His son, who is under 13, has a facebook page even though facebook explicitly says that you must be 13 to use their website. But, you know, those rules are for other people. Yes, Jason will fit in just fine with Washington insiders.

  23. Katrina says:

    Haters are always gonna hate, lovers gonna love. I’m a lover. Go Roberts! And keep the hat(s).

  24. Tashon says:

    In Katrina’s world…to disagree = to hate. How very very sad. and how very very wrong.

  25. rulesdonotapply says:

    Well since you put it that way Katrina.

    If you want to place uncomfortable, yet unattractive furniture made from splintery wooden pallets along with an array of rusty old shipping containers highlighted with an ample supply of sidewalk chalk littering your streets for a few hours to demonstrate how the fringe hipsters would “transform” your city then Jason is your man. Oh, and lots of people in silly hats hanging around pretending to be artists is a nice touch. Make sure to wear your finest tweed pants, they help with the splinters.

  26. chris s says:

    wow. sure is a lot of ill will out there. lighten up, everybody!

  27. LookIHasAHat says:

    When I’m elected I will make sure we give everyone a silly hat and then we will take pallets and shipping containers and repurpose them into trolley cars so we can all take the trolley and get ice cream and then we will make a law that all cars have to be pedal cars or possibly those Flintstone type cars that run on feet power and we will take dumpsters full of water and make swimming pools for every house in the district and banjos, lots of banjos and we will make sure not to give medication to ADHD kids so they can ramble on and on about, where did I put my hat, and we will build better temporary blocks and ride our bicycles anywhere we want once the Flintstone cars are not allowed to be on the streets because that’s the way they do it in Copenhagen or some other place that I think is cool and try to copy all of their ideas and pass them off as my own all the while wearing funny clothes made of itchy tweed and did I mention the trolley?

  28. IUseMyKidsToGetElected says:

    What a wonderful campaign idea to use your kid. First get him a facebook page a few years before facebook actually allows him to have one. Then use him to support your candidacy. You should have more kids, then you would be invincible.

  29. Paul S says:

    oh my god. I don’t expect the trolls to back off just because someone’s child will see the negative comments so I’m not got shame them for that, but to make it an “issue” that he commented and has an online presence? Well then shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. You just attacked a child, bet that makes you feel soooooo big. Also trolls never seem to care about issues, they just like to lob criticism about things that have nothing to do with adult sized issues.

  30. WhoWillCarryTheTorch says:

    If Jason doesn’t win who will take old, splinter ridden pallets and make hideous, yet uncomfortable temporary seating so he can place it in your street for a couple of hours along with several rusted out shipping containers transformed into rusted out shipping containers pretending to be shops? Who will steal ideas from cities that he envies so that he can claim them as his own and pretend to be creative? Who will carry the torch for ADHD sufferers everywhere who can’t complete something that is permanent? Who I ask, who? Who will wear the silly hat?

  31. IUseMyKidsToGetElected says:

    Paul, reading comprehension must not be your strong point. The attacks are made at Jason for allowing an underage child to break the explicit rules of Facebook. The rules are in place for children’s safety, but apparently Jason does not think these rules apply to him, or he is above the rules. Shame on whom?

  32. Mark says:

    Wow. I imagine many people commenting here, for or against, are also the kind of folk who would agree that our political discourse has become increasingly derogatory, personal when it need not be, and generally less productive. Yet, we often, I included, blame politicians for that. I suddenly feel like an alcoholic dad that beats his kid for doing drugs. Even though I haven’t taken part in this. Allow me to paraphrase the words of a brilliant young man named Alyosha, “we are all responsible for the worst of us.” I think we may be in trouble.

  33. Paul S says:

    I was actually shaming you, Tashon and mostly LookIHasAHat for those scathing remarks. Yes, his son and about a million other kids are on facebook underage but compared to the abominable record of corruption that has defined elected officials that have represented Dallas below I30 the last 50 years this seems hardly the worst attribute of any candidate.

    Start writing when you have a real issue to write about. And by the way, you will always be nothing but a troll hiding behind a moniker like “IUseMyKidsToGetElected”. Get a life and a name…

  34. IUseMyKidsToGetElected says:

    Paul, a person who will allow their underage child to break the rules that were enacted for their protection shows a tremendous lack of wisdom and judgement, both of which are desirable in someone seeking public office. But as you say, since a million others do it… By the way, are you a silly hat wearer?

  35. Paul S says:

    Lame troll.

  36. IUseMyKidsToGetElected says:

    And by the way, it is you, Paul, who have brought up precisely zero issues. None, zero, zip, nada. I can only imagine why. Possibly your silly hat is too tight? Meanwhile, back in reality land, all of the people you shamed (as if that means anything to anyone coming from a mental giant such as yourself) have all made relevant points. That you do not agree with their points or their delivery is as irrelevant as you. XOXO

  37. Paul S says:

    Actual my statement was that if you have a real beef with Jason Roberts based on his vision and what he has done in Dallas then you should talk about that but as far as I can tell your only stance against him is that he allowed his son to violated the Facebook user policy and his head wear. I feel confident that the people (real people, with real names) who read this pointless internet squabble are going to side with the person not concerned with hats.

  38. Jason Heid says:

    Sorry folks. Shutting comments down on this post. They’ve gone too far afield.