• I like that gentleman’s car. But he needs to find more interesting places to drive it. Everywhere Mr. Dorrough drives appears to be a setting out of “Office Space.”

  • Helen Lovejoy

    While I generally prefer my slabs inside peanut butter and outside jelly, I must make two observations of the video above:
    1) Mr. Dorrough mentions rolling in a Chevy, though he is CLEARLY in an Oldsmobile Cutlass, and
    2) for someone who reps Dallas (born and raised) fairly hard, why roll a whip with Louisiana plates?

  • mike p

    I hope this young man is not a role model for anyone, ever. Such a shallow/slanted message. Don’t get me started on the production of the video. Do these people actually make a living doing this ? Don’t get me wondering where the $$$ comes from.

    • @mike p: I promise not to get you “wondering where the $$$ comes from.”

  • Daniel

    I’m of the “parent” generation, and this young man has not managed to piss me off. (It should be noted that he clearly had better luck with Mike P.) He is enamored of a relatively pedestrian motor vehicle and the added mobility it affords? I’m supposed to wring my hands over that? Son, in my day, musical performers bit the heads from live bats whilst defecating, good afternoon.

    Ice cream fail job.

  • Gabe

    Have you shown that to Patrick Kennedy? It might change his life…