• DGirl

    Yes, it’s a comedy, at times. Kim Gatlin has admitted that it’s based on her actual experiences in the Park Cities so of course critics will pounce on the portrayal of Christians. She depicted them as people she knows. Ethnic, religious, political and social groups have been parodied for thousands of years. This is the the first time, in my recollection but I could be wrong, that Christians have been parodied so publicly in prime time on a major network. The irony, of course, is that those who are spiritually encouraged not to judge are doing a hell of a lot of judging. What don’t y’all just pray for these poor souls?

  • I didn’t know conservative groups are considered critics. However, I bet the LOVE the performance of Robert Jeffress. Ted Haggerd gave an excellent performance in “Jesus Camp”, and Pat Robertson is amazing on “The 700 Club”.

  • Tom

    First the War on Christmas, now this!

  • DGirl

    @Jack Jett – the ones referenced in Glenn’s original post are Christian’s who are critical of the content. I suppose you could have non conservative critics who are critical of the acting. Whatever.

  • Sport

    Everyone knows those groups don’t have a sense of humor.

  • Former Texan

    Hope no one gets called a slut.

  • I thought the show was so true to Dallas and its prentious upper class. I could only think of highland village the entire time.
    So true to Dallas! The only reason “D” magazine came out against the show is due to the fact, that the only people who read that boring magazine is the prentious upper class.

  • sjthornton

    I thought the references to real estate in Fort Worth and Waxahachie were hilarious, but no one but locals will get those jokes.

  • MGear

    Back home closer to Mom and Dad former DMN columnist Rod Dreher is declaring it DOA, which is completely understandable given the way it mercilessly plagiarizes his tongue wagging Christian conservative gossip schtick.

  • Dee Scussted

    I bet that some Muslim and Jew bashing shows would be great as well. Maybe a show called “GMB” you know – “Good Muslim Bitches” or perhaps “GJM” for the Jewish folk,…somehow that doesn’t seem as funny,…does it?

  • Kathy

    While there are certainly more than enough reasons to poke fun at Christians in Dallas, there is no “group” that is beyond reproach. So if is ok to air “Good Christian Bitches,” it should be ok to produce “Good Jewish Bitches,” and then perhaps, “Good Lesbian Bitches.” It could be similar to the “Housewives of…. ” reality series. Endless groups of bitches to choose from -“Muslim bitches, African American bitches, Atheist bitches and so on. This is not offensive at all, right? Because it’s a comedy. What? Oh. It’s ok to do this to just Christian women, not all the others? Whatever.

  • amanda

    Methinks the concept has cut a little close to the quick.

  • Ld

    I would be very offended if my religion had this title. (I’m not Christian.) Maybe y’all should organize a boycott of the advertisers. The show sounds as stupid as Big Rich Texas.

  • RAB


    It’s “pretentious.” (I would have given you slack for a typo, but you spelled it wrong, exactly the same way, twice.)

    Also, it’s Highland Park, not Highland Village.

    Maybe it’s not pretension after all. Maybe it’s just better education.

  • I think it is Highland Village in GCB which is the TV show we are discussing here. Major congratulatons to Kim Gatlin for getting a non reality based series on a major network. I think it would be great if they would cast Leslie Jordan as Rod Roddy Dreher.

  • True

    Typical. xtians are offended by everything. Poor poor xtians. Always telling other people how they should and shouldn’t live but when they’re the ones in question, even in jest, they all of a sudden turn victim. Can’t have it both ways, guys. Either put up or shut up.