Craig James On Why People Don’t Like Him

In addition to an interesting oral history of Outlaw County, the April issue of Texas Monthly features a short front-of-the-book interview with the always lovable very popular handsome Craig James. The embattled Senatorial candidate discusses the reasons he’s running for office, how he started fighting “evil,” and why he wet the bed until he was a teenager. (Short answer: family and religion.)

But he also talks about why he believes there is so much animosity toward him. Mostly, he says, people don’t want him to be such a great guy:

“‘There’s a lot of people who don’t have a faith and don’t believe 
what I believe, who want to rip me up,’ he explained. ‘They don’t like the fact that I go home to the same lady every night and have for twenty-nine years. They don’t like that I’ve been a dad and I’ve been there for my kids. 
They don’t like that I’ve been in the spotlight but haven’t stumbled. I think there’s a group of 
people who would like to see me come down.'”


  • Neal


    Craig, it’s not that complicated. People don’t like you for one simple reason. Actually, five reasons.

  • Billyboy

    Guess he has to spin it that way. He should save his campaign money.

  • Lee

    Let’s start with taking illegal funds as an SMU football player.

  • Zorro

    what a dumb dumb head. People don’t like you because you are a tool and you ruined the red raiders football program.

  • Sport

    Just what we need, another religious nut.

  • JS

    I like him because he’s so humble. In fact, I think he should legally change his name to Humble Craig James.

  • Fletch

    For most people, I sincerely doubt it’s because of any of the reasons he listed. If anything, those things are to be commended in a person.

    I’d think that a number of people, particularly those from west Texas, see James as the A-hole that lobbied hard (using his connections at ESPN) to have Mike Leach thrown out of Texas Tech. He had an axe to grind and a platform to use to get his voice heard.

    For me, I don’t think he has any credentials. Yeah, he played ball at SMU back in their heyday. So what?! That was over 20 years ago. Now, he’s just an average, run-of-the-mill talking head for the ESPN networks. Why should I have any faith that he’d be effective in office?

  • ts

    Scoreboard for Jesus.

  • mynameisbill

    Serial Killers United Super PAC endorses James for Senate.

  • PR

    As a Red Raider, I can tell you that we don’t like Craig James because he is a [email protected]$$%@! who likes @&&@*!?+! while #%[email protected]%[email protected] with his #@[email protected]%!. And, his son is a #%@$!#$%%! and @@!^!%@@ who also @!&@&!^!!.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Tuesday

    Calls to mind, “They hate us for our freedom”. Both dumb.

  • Raider Red

    We don’t like Craig James, because he used undue influence on the Texas Tech football program. If he is willing to abuse his role as an ESPN talking head, what would he do with the influence he could wield as a U.S. Senator. Plus, what the heck does he know about being a Senator?

  • christiansagainstcraigjames

    James loves to spout his faith, but his actions don’t line up with his words and as a Christian I find it offensive that people want to “use” a fake faith as a platform to get elected. If he is such a faithful guy, why then did he use messages filled with profanity on the phones of the Mike Leach coaching staff? If he is such a great Dad, why then did he throw his son under the bus allowing a bogus video filmed by Adam to release to the press, a video filled with lies and falsehoods. Craig James is not liked because he is a fraud and a vindictive joke who used his position at ESPN to get a Coach that saw thru him and his chip off the block son fired. And he actually admitted to receiving money from Alumni while at SMU but doesn’t see any harm in it. Why would anyone want to elect that type of person?

  • Kim

    It’s a shame he doesn’t have any confidence – NOT!

  • Hey, Uh

    Craig James confirmed bed wetting and alleged killing of five hookers should not prevent him from becoming Senator.

  • advocateoflivinghookers

    People don’t like Craig James because most every civil human being, even many of us Christians, believe that we should forgive women of the night, not kill them. If Craig was truly a man of faith, he’d acknowledge that God is the final judge of humanity, not Craig James. Therefore, by doing away with 5 women of the night, he violated one of the 10 commandments that he “professes” to obey. Also, people don’t like Craig James because he’s a lying piece of sh!t who got the dread pirate Leach fired. So screw him.

  • Mike G

    Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

  • The Holy Reverend Booker T. Washington, III.

    We here at The Church of What’s Happening Now in South Oak Cliff will be holding a candlelight vigil this coming Thursday evening to “Remember the Five” and pray for the souls of the five hookers that were killed while Craig James was enrolled at SMU.
    Praise Jesus!
    Can I get a Witness?
    Can I get an Amen?

    The Holy Rev. Booker T. Washington, III.
    The Church of What’s Happening Now

  • Askani

    Tell you what,CJ missed his calling.Let’s build him a cross so he can climb up on it a save us all !

  • Law Office

    ‘They don’t like the fact that I go home to the same lady every night and have for twenty-nine years.’

    The above is a LIE!

    Jesse Craig James has been cheating on Marilyn since his days at Stratford, S.M.U., and up to(and including) the present day!

    That’s the thing with these self-righteous and sanctimonious Bible Thumpers……they preach one thing and then do another! Jesse Craig James: The Corrupt Coward is as fake as the toupee on his head and one of the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth!

  • West Texas Voter

    WOW! ‘Nuff said. SMDH

  • red raider graduate

    Craig, you are so stupid that you don’t even know what the Glass Stegall Act is and how it figured into the banking collapse.
    Craig, you act like you’re running for “Most Obnoxious Sunday School Teacher” ever, yet you give almost nothing to charity.
    You ruined Texas Tech football and got the best coach Tech ever had fired, and Leach graduated his players and won games.
    You are a bad father who ensured his son would be booed by thousands of fans at home and away games for two years!! He should have just transferred somewhere he wasn’t hated and left Tech football alone to win!!
    Your ego is so big you find traveling around a state that hates you a great way to spend time.
    Remember the FIVE!!

  • TheKid

    Does Zac have enough fodder for some Craig James media interview spoofs?

  • Dickles

    Math Equations taught at Texas Tech & SMU.
    Craig James, the college football player = Greed
    Craig James, the parent = Helicopter
    Craig James, the sportscaster = Wannabe
    Craig James, the tither = One Percent
    Craig James, the political candidate = Megalomaniac
    Craig James, the human = Loser

  • Rick Santorum

    Hey Craig,

    When you’re done with the lube can I have it back?

    Also, if I somehow win the nomination, will you be my vice-president?

    By gosh, golly gee…I mean if John McCain can pick Sarah Palin why can’t I pick you!

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Rick Santorum

  • ZZtop

    ” ‘They don’t like the fact that I go home to the same lady every night and have for twenty-nine years.’
    The above is a LIE! ”

    Simmer down! All he said is that he “went home” to the same woman. He didn’t say he wasn’t banging other women.

  • Ty

    People don’t like craig James because he is a pathological liar.

  • Questions

    Why does everyone keep referencing Craig James and five (5) dead hookers? I’ve never seen any news stories related to Craig James killing five (5) hookers. It makes no sense that Craig James would have anything to do with five (5) dead hookers.

  • Deep-Sigh

    The ghosts of the those five dead hookers he allegedly killed at SMU want to visit him about coming home to the same lady every night.

  • Larry

    Can Zac just pick up where his Rick Perry bit left off and substitute Craig James?

    Are they really all that different?

  • Voter

    I go home to the same lady every night and have for twenty-four years. I’ve been a dad and I’ve been there for my kids. I’ve been in the spotlight but haven’t stumbled. Maybe I should run for one of 2 senate seats. I am as qualified as anyone who has been linked to 5 dead hookers.

  • Bubba

    Sure there’s a group of people who would like to see you go down. Actually that’s a group that can see through you for the miserable, pathologically lying douchebag you are. And by the polling numbers, it’s around 90% or more of the electorate here in Texas. Going after Leach in that latest campaign video is desperate – looks like you’re cooked, scumbag.

  • crma

    I am so thankful that CJ’s hubris got him off the air at ESPN. I know his anti-Boise crusade pales in comparison with the Leach episode but it really made me angry and wonder why this guy was ever allowed in a broadcasting booth.

  • christiansagainstcraigjames

    James abusing his position at ESPN to slander Mike Leach and now abusing his campaign to do the same thing. Does anyone see a pattern here? If James was serious about running for office, why not use the videos to talk about his political platform and how he would use his position to change the political climate for good. Just a platform for his slander is all he is concerned with.

  • Southern Lady

    I’m so saddened by each of these comments. You see, I wanted to click “like” or even “love” on them… but that wasn’t an option. Well, my mama always told me if you can’t say something nice, come sit by me. These replies are filled with people I’d welcome to see by me. Because they can’t say something nice, and THEY’RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Native Texan

    Can you say egotistical bastard?

  • Today is April 12, 2012. Adam James recanted his story long ago in the face of incarceration related to perjury as pertains to his tenure at Texas Tech. Mike Leach won a 13,000,000.00 job in the PAC 10 where he is not subject to the whims of liars like Craig James, John Scovell, Kent Hance, Alan White, Jerry Turner, and Larry Anders. Texas Tech as a whole has been convicted of lying under oath. Mike Leach is a known success. Texas Tech athletics is dead and buried as a result of the conduct of its leadership. Tech brought worse than the death penalty on itself.

  • mike

    I listened to his daughter interviewing Daddy on you tube. He is unfit to run for any office withthe exception of dog catcher in Celine. He was the bully, not Mike Leach. Just because his son didn’t get enough playing time he ruined Mike Leach’s life with the assistance of that tool known as Kent Hance.

  • Craig is a self congratulatory liar. The second worse combination starting with recovered alcoholic. He can’t stop paying himself compliments, that you can tell he tried to disguise, but just can’t.