Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Nightlife Voting Starts Monday, April 2

Nightlife_FBYou should know the drill by now. Our third round of 2012 Readers’ Choice voting will be much like the previous two, only now we’re going to ask you to try to remember where it was you had your favorite drinking experiences in the city.  Rule of thumb: The hazier the memory, the better time you must have had?

Polls open on Monday morning, and you’ll be able to vote once a day in 16 different categories, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The fun will run through April 15.

Jump to see what we’ll be voting on.

1. What’s the best dive bar in Dallas?
2. What’s the best lounge in Dallas?
3. What’s the best sports bar in Dallas?
4. What bar in Dallas has the best patio?
5. What bar in Dallas has the best karaoke?
6. What’s the best live music venue in Dallas?
7. What’s the best gay bar in Dallas?
8. What’s the best place to dance in Dallas?
9. What’s the best place to eat after midnight?
10. What bar in Dallas has the best view?
11. What’s the best hotel bar in Dallas?
12. Who serves the best bar food in Dallas?
13. Who has the best beer selection in Dallas?
14. Who makes the best cocktails in Dallas?
15. Who is the best bartender in Dallas?
16. Which bar has the best games?