Barrett Brown Raided by Feds

I’ve wondered in this space whether the Zetas would get Barrett Brown before the feds did. Well, the former unofficial not-spokesman for Anonymous was raided yesterday by the feds, who are stepping up their efforts to deprive the group of lulz. Yesterday a hacker going by the handle Sabu was arrested — and it turned out he’d been cooperating with the government for some time. From Barrett’s statement on the raid (the language of which required me to dash out a few letters):

On the morning of the 6th, three FBI agents came to my mom’s door and asked if I was there. She woke me up and I went down to talk to them. They told me that they’d executed a search warrant at my apartment and that the door had been broken in the process, and then asked me if I had any laptops with me here at my mom’s place that I wanted to give them. I responded in the negative, and they left. At that point I began taking calls and e-mails from the press regarding Sabu, whom I learned was in fact a degenerate p—y traitor who couldn’t face two f—ing years in prison, making him the biggest p—y in the history of mankind. There were several people who came to this conclusion early on; I was not wise enough to be one of them. As to the various stunts he pulled in the months since his arrest – including but not limited to the unnecessary release of credit card information for Stratfor customers – we may never know to what extent such things were encouraged by his “Justice Department” handlers in an effort to discredit this movement. But I digress, lol. At any rate, the Feds came back a couple of hours later with a search warrant for my mom’s place – they fully intended to take a certain laptop, and did.


  • amanda

    Wow. Hope Barrett is okay, meaning not using and this doesn’t prompt a relapse. I think he should focus on the Southern Gothic novel.

  • pat

    Let’s see if we can parse this out. Barrett Brown looks to be soft, white, and snuggly tight, unless of course the picture posted with the story on him is a clever Guy Fawkes mask itself and the real BB is Michael Clarke Duncan’s long lost twin.

    But assuming the former, it seems to me that Brown is not particularly well built to offer any sort of Denial of Service, distributed or otherwise, to Bubba the Low Orbit Ion Cannon late nights on the block, scrappy little Justin Bieber-mopped, p—y-citing ground squirrel though he might be.

    So what is Barrett Brown doing right now? Why, PRAYING he locked up his address book with 4096-bit encryption, not so the Feds can’t eventually have it, but so he’ll still have something, ANYTHING left to trade, like Sabu.

    But I could be wrong. BB may be even tougher than Michael Clarke Duncan. He could be a regular Skip Donahue:

  • John Penley

    I thought the Feds and the Zetas were already working together.

  • ket

    Is that statement an admission that he lied to federal investigators?

  • Neal

    So let me get this straight. Barrett Brown ran screaming like a little girl from the Zetas, but has the nerve to call one of his co-conspirators “the biggest p—y in the history of mankind” for not taking his two years in prison like a man?

    All that being said, I have no sympathy for the Feds – US Attorneys in particular – who are nothing more than jackbooted swine. The Anonymous gang will find them soon enough.

  • BarrettBrownInformant

    If you ask me, Barrett Brown has been working with the FBI long before Sabu did and he is the reason Sabu went down. Sabu’s proxy wasn’t secure and his IP was leaked on IRC (never auto join a channel) and that kicked it all off in June 2011. Interesting that Barrett Brown had more than one visit from the Feds, he openly exploits operations and meetings to be held and on which IRC channel, confesses his parts of each operation, and he is the one that likes to run “tinychat” where you can TCP dump a proxy IP and unmask Anons. Barrett Brown has been working for the FBI and is responsible for every Anon being taken down and yet he is not arrested? Oh, they made it LOOK LIKE he is in hot water with arrested Anons.