What’s Up With Lamar Odom?

Tim touched on this is Leading Off this morning. But Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game goes a bit deeper here. A taste:

This is no mirage. This cannot be explained away. This is life lingering in the back of a player’s mind, much as it has that pesky habit of doing. It’s not a distraction; basketball is the distraction, with reality as Odom’s far too haunting home. His cousin is gone. His father is ill. He’s a man with a lot going on between his ears, which is a far more healthy result than an overwhelming sense of numbness that might improve the performance of the player, but would ultimately be far more taxing on the man. Odom is dealing with things in the best ways that he knows how, and you’ll understand if he doesn’t apologize for how his personal trials might impact your favorite team.


  • Kemkah Dahr-Sheyan

    The man is a Laker. Give him back.

  • heels

    take away his sex swing until he averages a double double

  • ll

    Heck, the rest of us have to come to work despite what’s happening — and he’s getting paid way more than most of it to do it.

  • JS

    You know what, real people with real jobs have to deal with these issues all the time. Our employers don’t allow us to just stop working and get paid because we have stuff going on in our personal lives. Lots of people have aging parents with health issues, kids that need our attention, overbearing spouses that make our lives miserable (hi honey!), etc. So he’ll understand if I don’t apologize for saying that he is a whiny, overpaid ninny who needs to man up.

  • Cassi

    He does not belong here…in mind, body and spirit. His wife and her ilk are fake and how can he possibly play quality ball when he is filming a reality show? Go back to LA with your attention seeking wife and leave basketball to the professionals.

  • hooey

    There was a time not that long ago when professional athletes took pride in missing the births of children, family illnesses, and even the deaths of close relatives, because they refused to miss a game for personal reasons.

    The Khloe and Lamar Show has made it clear that Lamar’s father is a no-count weasel and user who abandoned his child and only reappeared after Lamar started earning money in sports. Now the old man is always hitting him up for money, tennis shoes, game tickets, etc.

  • Me!

    Sprained taint

  • GMOM

    Pick one, Lamar. Are you in or are you out?

  • There’s a great chapter on Lamar Odom in Free Darko’s Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac. (It’s required reading for anyone trying to understand LO.) The guy has experienced some major tragedies in his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s finally catching up with him. Mentally, I think “my game” would be off too.

    The Mavs are doing just fine. For now, not making a move with Lamar is the best move.

  • jkatt

    All u Lamar haters back off. Guys kid died so another family member ill hits him hard. If u don’t want him tell Cuban to waive him so he can come back to LA and win anotherr ring. U can wait another 30 years for ur next title!

  • Critic

    Waste of jet fuel flying back and forth from LA!

  • LB

    Oh please. His dad is just fine from a stomach virus. It’s sad it’s a cousin, but Amare Stoudemire had his FATHER pass away and he’s back. Guarantee Roddy Boubouis will be the same. Lamar is an unprofessional moper, and the sooner he gets the heck out of here, the better. It’s a shame Cuban is even having to pay him–Odom is stealing.

  • milk&cookies

    expensive disappointment

  • jim

    Hey, Laker fans. We want our trade exception back.