Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 9

As I have maybe mentioned one or two times before, my best friend Pam is a lovely person. She taught me how to yell at cabbies and she tried to teach me how to properly order a bagel. Pam’s currently studying to be a fancy lawyer, but she’s a creative spirit with a romantic attachment to radio and she loves talking to people. That’s why she was the first in our circle of pals to really get into StoryCorps, the oral history project founded by Dave Isay in 2003. It’s morphed from Internet radio program to anthropologist’s dream, with an archive of over 30,000 interviews that lend insight into how Americans work, live, and love.

You might remember the touching tale that made its way around the Internet a couple of summers ago. It was the love story of Danny and Annie, two Brooklynites who were married for 27 years until death did them part. Before Danny passed away from incurable cancer, they both sat down for an interview that StoryCorps preserved as a beautiful (and tearjerking) animated short. I wish I’d done this with my grandparents before my grandfather got sick– they were married for 65 years, and knew each other for more than 70. Go watch the short, and then go buy a ticket to Isay’s talk tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art, part of the museum’s Arts & Letters Live series. He’ll discuss the project as well as his most recently published book, All There Is, a collection of StoryCorps’ most inspiring love stories.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Bolsa Mercado, tonight’s a good night to go. JR Richardson of Oak Cliff Cellars is hosting an informal wine chat, so you can taste some vino and ask questions to your heart’s content. Then, pick up something delicious for dinner (they have sandwiches, paninis, and full gourmet dinner offerings ready to go). These photos on SideDish will make you hungry.

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