Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 28

Telling you what to do this evening is so easy it’s like taking candy from a candy-hating baby. Can you tell I just finished the second season of Archer? Anyway.

Tonight, FrontRow has teamed up with the Magnolia to present The Godfather, part of an ongoing series “Big Movie” series featuring cinema’s directorial giants. I’m going to go ahead and agree with Peter– I really, really love The Empire Strikes Back but when push comes to shove, The Godfather is probably my all-time favorite movie (and hey, I’ve even read Mario Puzo’s book, which is more than I can say for all those Star Wars spinoff novels). Clearly, we’re obviously not alone in our appreciation for Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece. While you’re in the neighborhood, you can imagine the empty Border’s transforming in a Max’s Wine Dive (owner Jerry Lasco probably made the folks at WestVil an offer they couldn’t refuse) and then maybe grab a bite at Malai Kitchen.

Otherwise, Mockingbird Station is hosting a “leap crawl” happy hour to encourage people to partake in the ongoing Yelp Drinks promotion (select cocktails at various places around town are 50% off). You have to download the Yelp app to participate, but once you do that, make a beeline for Urban Taco, the People’s Last Stand, and Trinity Hall (the three participating Station locations). Check in, order one of the discounted cocktails, get a punch card. Get your card punched, obviously, and drink your drink. And then head to the next place. And repeat once more, until you’ve visited all three places and you have three hole punches (I’m assuming they’re just normal round holes, but they could have one of those fancy hole punchers in the shape of a star or a rabbit). Then go back to your favorite place, and if you’re one of the first ten people, you get a $20 gift card.

For more to do tonight, go here.


  • Neal

    Glad to find another Archer fan out there. Welcome to the fold.

  • Archer is definitely the darkest — and probably the funniest — show on TV. So, so dark.

  • @Neal: Oh, I’ve been in the fold. I’ve just been…hugging the outskirts of it lately until I rediscovered it on Netflix Instant.

    @MJM: YUUUP. Also fun: