Texas Monthly Editor Jake Silverstein Defends “Metroplex”

I’ve gotten into what a friend of mine calls a “dork fight” on Twitter with Jake Silverstein, the editor of Indianapolis-based Texas Monthly. (By employing the latter appellation, I have satisfied a reader’s request (scroll down).) I noticed that Silverstein used the word “Metroplex” in his most recent editor’s note. After the jump, you can read the exchange that ensued on Twitter. TexMo senior staff writer Jason Cohen jumped in, too. Is it just me? Am I the only one who doesn’t dig “Metroplex”?

Me: Dear @jakesilverstein, please stop using the word “Metroplex.” Here is why: http://d-m.ag/wosPvm Thank you.

Silverstein: @timmytyper if the word is so odious, it shd be easier to kill. 33 yrs is a long time. Shd at least get “worthy opponent” status by now

Me: @jakesilverstein Kudzu is odious and hard to kill. So, too, the zebra mussel. Still, we owe it to our children to fight them.

Cohen: @timmytyper @jakesilverstein so is Denton in Metroplex? anyway, N Texas simply doesn’t work as urban area signifier when W, C, E & S aren’t

Me: @Jason___Cohen @jakesilverstein North TX Super Bowl Host Committee. North TX Council of Gov’ts. Not Metroplex, dents [sic]. Join our party.

Silverstein: @timmytyper @jason___cohen metroplexmayorsassoc.org

Me: @jakesilverstein @jason___cohen Founded by two Jacks (Evans of Dallas and Harvard of Plano). Ancient history.

Silverstein: @timmytyper I can’t stand up for a marketing word, but @jason___cohen is right: NT, as urban place name, lacks style, precision.

Me: @jakesilverstein @jason___cohen “Metroplex” connotes style, precision? Metroplex is the name of a Transformer. See: d-m.ag/Aojj4r


  • Tom

    I also loathe the Transformer-as-North-Texas-designator. Still can’t believe WFAA-TV has approved it for use. But I leave it up to you to fight the good fight. Carry on.

  • Metroplex. Metroplex. Metroplex. Metroplex.
    Not a fan of the word, but I’m even less a fan of prigs who try to tell me what words I should and shouldn’t use.

  • Let’s face facts, folks. “North Texas” isn’t going to catch on with out-of-towners.

    We’re “Dallas-Fort Worth.” Plano and Arlington and Irving and McKinney and Denton just have to learn to live with it.

  • RAB

    It’s just you. The “DFW Metroplex” is awesome. Plus, it’s a snub to all the other hanger-onners (Garland, Arlington, Irving, Plano, Mesquite, etc.) who don’t rate a mention.

  • @RAB: I don’t understand. Do residents of the Houston suburbs feel snubbed when they’re told they live in the “Houston area” or “Greater Houston?” Why should our suburbanites?

  • mynameisbill

    “sh*t Dallas folks care about”

  • brett

    apparently none of the “North Texas” pushers have visited a map in a while. Amarillo should be “North Texas” as well as the Panhandle, because, well, it’s the northern most part of Texas. If anything geographically related, Dallas should be Middle East Texas.

  • Joy

    I grew up in Denison, and I’ve heard “Metroplex” all my life (since the mid-70s). i don’t even think about it being positive or negative; it just is. This is a non-issue.

  • Sybils Beaver

    C’mon folks, we all know its the Mehtroplex

  • The word sounds like it was invented by Charles Eames. It’s awkward and unnecessary. I prefer Dallas-Fort Worth area. Yes, Arlington, Plano, Denton et al. all get ignored — but Dallas and Fort Worth are still the heavy weights.


    How about Baja Denton?