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Rating Super Bowl Ads With Dallas-Fort Worth Locals: Words With Friends and Double the Deion

By Jason Heid |

Here’s a breakdown of how North Texas residents fared in their Super Bowl commercial appearances. We’re rating their contributions only, not the entire ad.  Starting with the cream of the crop:

The guys who came up with the greatest time-waster known to man, Words With Friends, had the best moment in this Best Buy ad, tweaking the recent Alec Baldwin-American Airlines brouhaha over playing the game on the plane. They show up at about the 30-second mark.   Rating: 9 out of 10

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban makes a cameo at the end of this Skechers ad.  Unfortunately, the line they gave him falls flat.  Rating: 4 out of 10

Deion Sanders shows up at about the 11-second mark in this Century 21 ad, having baked cookies for his open house.  Apparently he’s still having trouble selling his “$21 million” home in Prosper?  It’s solid work on his part.  Rating: 7 out of 10

And we got a double dip of Deion from this Bridgestone Tire commercial, where he tries to receive a pass from another Dallas Cowboys great, Troy Aikman.  Troy doesn’t get to do much, but Deion again gets to show how his “Primetime” skills.  Rating:  6 out of 10