Large Marge: The Motion Picture

Continuing my series of excuses for using the preferred nickname for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in blog post headlines, I’d like to point you to the series of photographs of the city’s great white hope snapped by Scot Miller and featured in our March issue.

For fans of the moving pictures, check out the short film above, also made by Miller.

UPDATE: Uh-oh.  Despite the big party on March 2-4, looks like Marge won’t be ready for prime time for another month or so.


  • Peter Brady

    I like your spirit, Heid, but Large Marge does not do it for me. It’s too delicate looking.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    I still think it resembles a gigantic IUD.

  • Staci

    Agreed. Large Marge does not fit. And it is not catchy..

  • Large Marge is NOT catchy. I agree. And Craig James DIDN’T kill five hookers at SMU.