How Not To Get Out Of a Ticket

Yesterday, while coming back to the office, I was pulled over for turning right at a red light where, apparently, there are two signs prohibiting that. The officer was on a motorcycle. As the officer was approaching my car, I caught a quick glimpse in my rearview. Probably too quick, since the first thing I said was, “Sorry, ma’am.” To the male officer. Anyway, I guess the real point of this is don’t turn right on red at the intersection of Ross and the frontage road of 75. And just say, “Sorry, officer,” if you do. Or say nothing. Yes, say nothing. Or just repeat the Jay-Z parts from the second verse of this.


  • Melissa

    Wow – I turn right on red at the intersection all the time. Will have to look for the signs. What they really need to give tickets for are the people who NEVER yield to the ramp coming off Central or stop at the stop sign that is right there on the access road at the Fellowship church before the light at Ross.

  • Long Memory

    “Ma’am? Yo in heapa trubble nah, boah.”

  • yeah, found the same thing out at Lakeland and Garland/78. Officer did not appreciate that I have lived in that neighborhood for a while and didnt know that. Long story short, want to go to court together next week? yay1