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Denton Singer Kristy Kruger Shares Story of Her Broken Heart on This American Life


Just happened to hear the beginning of This American Life on KERA on Saturday. And I was going to post this morning about how impressed I was that Kristy Kruger, a singer-songwriter who lives in Denton and went to high school at Dallas ISD’s Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, was willing to go on a national radio program and tell what would seem to be an embarrassing tale about what she did when she just couldn’t get over a boyfriend who’d broken up with her. From the episode’s transcript (Ira Glass is the host):

lra Glass

Including phone pranks. And so Kristy explained to me that as she would drive around the country from one music gig to the next, she tried to do something that she thought would talk to that part of his personality.

Kristy Kruger

I started writing his number on bathroom walls across the United States.

Ira Glass


Kristy Kruger

Yeah, I started writing on bathroom walls, “Ladies, please help me out. I really want my man back. Please call–” and then I put his number. “And tell him his chalupa really misses him.”

And then I wrote, “Say your city and state, please.”

Ira Glass

I see. Because you knew that he doesn’t want to see you, so you don’t want to be calling him. That would be clearly out of bounds.

Kristy Kruger

Right. That’s how I cleared myself of that, by having other women call and text him.

Ira Glass

Is it possible, though, if he doesn’t want to hear from you, that this is even worse?

Kristy Kruger

Well, and that’s eventually what happened. Two months later, I received a very cold, dry text. “I hope you’re doing OK. But please knock it off with the bathroom walls. Desist with this.”

I can’t imagine broadcasting the most ridiculous things I’ve done in the name of romance, and so I was going to compliment Kruger on having the guts to share this story. But in perusing her website this morning, I learned that she’s been on This American Life at least twice before.

Once to talk about how she reached an unhealthy age before she learned that unicorns are, in fact, mythical creatures.  The other time she explained that her education at Dallas’ arts magnet high school allowed her to get out of taking some standard history classes, and that that is why she got to college lacking basic knowledge such as who Henry Kissinger is, and the fact that the Salem Witch Trials took place long before World War I.

So, after reading that, I decided Kruger didn’t need my praise for her effort. She must be fearless.

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