DeGeneres Flap Making J.C. Penney Look Cool

Jason mentioned a while back the changes that new CEO Ron Johnson is bringing to J.C. Penney, including hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. Seems that decision didn’t sit too well with a group called One Million Moms, which thinks Ellen shouldn’t have the job because she’s a lesbian. Bill O’Reilly locked horns with a Million Moms sympathizer on Fox News Channel last night, and wound up defending Penney’s right to hire whomever they want. Given the dust-up, Johnson’s move seems more than ever like a genius one, positioning the Plano-based department store as hip and diverse and cutting edge. (J.C. Penney: cutting edge?)


  • LJT

    I have to say JCP’s insert in the Sunday paper got my attention. I thought it was excellent…visually interesting, colorful and fun, with clear and easy to understand, everyday pricing on merchandise 1000% better than their previous mash up style inserts. I can’t say I was ever a JCP shopper, but their new style has me intrigued enough to go check it out, so the desired effect was achieved (at least) on me.

  • amanda

    I saw the O’Reilley segment…the better part of the show was the commentary by Bernie Goldberg… He said that there is an undercurrent of bigotry in SOME conservatives, and it’s time for that to end. I couldn’t agree more.

    I think Ellen is a great person to represent what was a struggling brand.

  • critic

    The new JCP logo is definitely cool and avant garde, but the new store at Northwest Highway and Skillman is a boring space, with boring displays, and a boring product mix. . Not yet near an APPLE type store, but time will tell if Ron Johnson can change the old dog

  • Insider

    As a former employee for JCPenney I say cool doesn’t matter much when the quality of the product is so poor. What’s the point of getting customers in the door only to have them leave disappointed? JCPenney continues to sale substandard goods at too high of a price. And until this changes, the company is destined to fail.

    And rightly so.