Daniel Vaughn Scores With Anthony Bourdain

Loyal readers will remember Daniel Vaughn from our February 2010 cover BBQ cover story. Dude kinda knows a thing or two about meat and the smoking thereof. I had the pleasure of getting my fingers sticky with Daniel one afternoon not long ago in Oak Cliff. It was like a master’s class in meat. There are times still when I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about brisket and Daniel.

So it is with great pleasure that I point you to the news that Daniel has signed a book contract with Anthony Bourdain’s new line of books for Ecco (a HarperCollins joint). Huzzah to Daniel. Couldn’t happen to a nicer (or more meat knowledgeable) man.

Update (3:15) — An alert FrontBurnervian asked me why I didn’t mention that local boy David Hale Smith did this book deal. As I’ve written before in this space, Smith was once a friend of mine. But then our families went on vacation together one time in Vail, and Smith, after over-serving himself at dinner at Grouse Mountain Grill, went on a 15-minute diatribe about how spineless the French are, how they were all “surrender monkeys” during World War II. My wife’s grandfather, a cheesemonger in the Loire Valley before the war, fought bravely and died in the Battle of Vercors. We spent the rest of the meal in silence, and I have not talked to Smith since. That is why I intentionally did not mention that he sold Daniel Vaughn’s book.


  • Eric Celeste

    You crib a Simpsons line, which I’m sure you didn’t realize, then put quotes around it, as though this is a phrase no one has ever heard before. No wonder he hates you. As for the rest of your “Funny Guy” update: STILL GOT IT!

  • @Eric Celeste: Looking forward to the day when you take Robert’s old job at the Observer and you can return to delivering your insults in person, to my face. Because then my face will be close to your face, our lips no longer separated by half a continent. Kisses, my friend. Deep French kisses.

  • IttyBittyWussy

    You spent the rest of the meal in silence?

    Seems like you could have defended her family’s honor– by insulting him with fancy words known only to a Vocabularian or by having your 8-yr old challenge him to a fistfight.

    That’s what I would have done, anyway– because I am not a surrender monkey !

  • Eric Celeste

    Pffft. 12-hour drive. 9 for Zac. If you were a man, you’d drive here right now and take me in your arms.

  • The Other Marty Cortland

    Well, c’mon — let’s face it. Four of the funniest words in the international lexicon are “La Gloire de France.”

    And I’m myself French. (Or at least Basque.)