Craig James Promises Not to “Let God Down” By Dropping Senate Bid

The Associated Press has a profile of the long shot candidate for Senate. In it, James says he thinks his two college football scandals have plagued his campaign, preventing him from talking about the conservative talking points he’d prefer. Most importantly, though, is this:

James dismisses a suggestion he’s considered a long shot and believes he was called by God to run for office.

“That doesn’t mean God says, ‘You’re going to win, Craig,'” he said. “But I would far rather have done this than let God down and not do what he had called me to do.”


  • Tom

    Rick Perry talked about a similar calling to run for the White House. We all know how that went.

  • Sport

    God just keeps speaking to Texas morons, and urging them to run for office. I wish he’d call them home.

  • Brenda Marks

    Or better yet, ask them to shut up.

  • Karl

    I just wish God had told me to steal that Facebook idea before Zuckerberg stole it. Thanks for nothing Savior – you’re a piece of work.

  • JS

    God does not believe the rumor that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS! Is that too many capitalized words for TMZ-style writing?

  • I don’t think God is actually telling everyone to ‘run’ for office, perhaps He just wants us to take up jogging?

  • mike p

    God is busy with things like climate change & Greece

  • mynameisbill

    God must truly be the funniest entity to inhabit the universe. I bow down to your comedic excellency, my heavenly father, for I am truly not worthy.

  • Bob

    Let me ask, without sarcasm or snark or facetiousness, why people say that God called them to run for political office? Is that supposed to imply that God wants voters to vote for them rather than for someone else?

    I am no scholar, but I cannot recall anything anywhere in the Holy Bible, Old Testament or New, that would imply that God anoints political candidates in any way. Without some Biblical authority or evidence, I can only conclude that these candidates are lying to us to promote themselves. How can this not be sinful, blasphemous if you will? Am I missing something?

  • Mike

    God definitely has a sense of humor…He created Rick Perry and Craig James.

  • Craig’s campaign needs a killer slogan, like… “I’m Craig James, B****!”

  • Judging by God’s endorsements (Rick Perry, Craig James, Michelle Bachmann). He likes people who don’t believe in science and hate gay people and minorities. God sounds like kind of a bigoted idiot.