Why the Dallas Cowboys Should Join the Dallas Opera

Forget the The Magic Flute simulcast. I mean, it’s a fine idea, but nowhere near as entertaining as the announcement I was hoping for: an opera actually performed on the field at Cowboys Stadium (caveat: acoustics, but amusement trumps). And then I realized how the Dallas Opera could kill a bunch of grackles with one teensy, tiny stone.

The Cowboys are not great, right? I don’t exactly follow sports, but I know that they missed the playoffs and generally make it a seasonal habit to stomp all over the already-ravaged hearts of their loyal fans with size enormous cleats. So, safe to say they could maybe use a little bit of a morale booster, and maybe a tiny bit of positive PR. Meanwhile, with all the financial struggles arts organizations have faced lately, opera choruses have lacked traditionally huge numbers. And also, there’s this whole struggle to get people to even go to the opera, because it’s, well, the opera and some humans find it boring.

I propose that team members of the Dallas Cowboys plug the gap, in uniform (caveat: actual singing talent, again, trumped by amusement). Helmets, pads, everything. I’d prefer that this collaboration happen during a performance on the football field, but the whole thing might be even funnier on stage at the Winspear. This way, you really get your different audiences coming together. And it absolutely should not be boring.