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Walker Railey From the D Magazine Archives

By Tim Rogers |

Over the holiday break, the Dallas Morning News published a great piece on the death of Peggy Railey and where that leaves Walker Railey and the rest of the family members whose lives were forever changed when someone attacked Peggy nearly 25 years ago. In particular, I was struck by the sentiments of Gary Railey, Walker’s brother. Walker told police that he thought his brother might have committed the crime, which, of course, Gary denies vehemently. Walker himself did not talk to the paper.

But he talked to D Magazine in 1987. This was four months after Peggy had been strangled. The investigation was under way. Walker had tried to commit suicide. Writer Mike Shropshire met with Walker in his Lake Highlands home, the scene of the attack. Walker was no longer living there, the publicity over the crime having forced him out of First Methodist and into hiding. Some of the typography on our site is a little screwy, owing to the process by which we converted our hard-copy archive to digital a few years back, but the story is gripping. Especially given current events, I highly recommend it.