Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 12

I first heard of the magician David Blaine when he pulled that “dive of death” stunt/media circus at Wollman Rink in Central Park a few years ago. There wasn’t much “dive” or “death” about it– he just hung upside down like a recalcitrant bat (and took 15 minute breaks) while a doctor monitored his vital signs and someone held an umbrella so he didn’t get a sunburn. I’m pretty sure my thought process was somewhere along the lines of, “who is this jerk and will the hoards of lunatics this sort of thing attracts somehow make life more difficult for me?” Very specific. And selfish, clearly, but not nearly as narcissistic as that particular attention grab.

Fast forward, and Blaine is here. Tonight. At the Winspear Opera House. To talk about his feats of derring-do. I don’t feel strongly about his tricks one way or the other, but I am fascinated by ginormous egos (plenty of writers have them, too, didn’t you know?) He’ll perform some of his street magic, plus chat with Rob McCollum, former host of WFAA’s “Good Morning Texas.” There will be an opportunity to ask questions, too, should you have any. Obviously, skip the terrible Wolfgang Puck catering and get dinner before or after. I’ve said before that I like Mai‘s as a pre-Arts District event spot, since it’s fairly close and so quick. Also, it’s finally cold enough for a tofu clay pot.

Otherwise, you can make like me and go see a real show tonight. I’m seeing Upstart’s production of Melancholy Play at Project X, but since I’m reviewing it for FrontRow, for now I’ll limit my recommendation to the simple fact that Sarah Ruhl wrote it. So basically, it’s worth a shot based on playwright alone. However, the reviews are already in for the WaterTower Theatre’s The Diary of Anne Frank. FrontRow’s Lance Lusk enjoyed it immensely. If you don’t mind the bittersweet story (since we all know how terribly it ends), check out his review right here.

For more to do this evening, go this way.