SEAL’s “Deadliest Sniper,” Chris Kyle, Punched Out Jesse Ventura

Perhaps you’ve heard of Chris Kyle. The former Navy SEAL and Dallas resident has a book out called American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. The guy has more than 160 confirmed kills, two Silver Stars, and five Bronze Stars With Valor. Texas Monthly did a Q&A with him in its January issue. The Morning News has a Q&A with him in today’s paper. But both articles overlooked one very awesome anecdote. In doing his rounds to drum up sales of the book, Kyle made an appearance on Opie and Anthony yesterday. Opie asked Kyle to tell the story about the time in 2006 that Kyle punched out former SEAL and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. Pretty good story, if true.


  • MSM Rots

    This is so obviously and completely a lie/psy op. I suggest you retract before Jesse sues your asses which he is most certainly known to do….

  • Reggie1971

    LOL MSM Rots….yeah….a highly decorated SEAL is obviously lying about tinfoil hat Jesse. Too funny!

  • Dan

    I agree. Retract the story before Jesse sues. He isnt fond of libel.

  • Kev1988

    “Obviously a lie”…except for the 75 eyewitnesses at the restaurant when it happened. Ventura wasn’t knocked out, but he did get popped in the face and then hit the floor.

  • LibertyFighter

    This is a lie, it is not true.
    Mass media is smearing him. Fuck off!

  • policestatenow
  • ba

    @Dan at 6:26 –

    not commenting on whether is a lie or not
    but you statement adds nothing to back it as fact as not one of those “75 witnesses” have corroborated or validated this as an actual happening.

    In fact your point is one of the two factors that makes this look somewhat suspicious

    1. there were a lot of eye witnesses there….don’t you think we would have heard from one by now???? especially to back up and validate Kyles account.
    2. this all comes out as he is in the middle of trying to launch and publicize a book

  • celeste

    This entire story about Jesse Ventura is a lie. Jesse doesn’t go to bars and he doesn’t drink. This guy is lying. Wonder how much he was paid to lie. This is the second fake story tabloid crap about Jesse the sleaze bags tabloid mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Corp/TMZ has churned out in that last two weeks. Jesse says he’s going to sue! People ought to google Rupert Murdoch to discover the scandals he’s been involved with.

  • tonebone

    So, Chris Kyle hits Gov Ventura and runs off??? A SEAL running from a fight??

    This is the 2nd set of ‘stories’ setting Gov Ventura up to be discredited. Why discredit an ex-governor labeled as a truther.

    If they’re shooting at you, you must be doing something right. And this latest story is another lie.

  • James

    Happend it 2006, yet this is my 1st time hearing about it.. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • john conner

    ah ya right…ventura would bitch slap that little punk….he’s lucky ventura isnt in the usa right now..pure bullshit from bill o’reilly and his skull and bones team.

  • POW 9

    Other than ole Reggie, you all have your heads heavily imbedded up the wrong as*hol*! Ventura is the imposter here, not Kyle. Pull your heads out of his dark side

  • ArnoldZiffle

    You guys that are concerned with the author being sued should read the whole article. The last line says, “Pretty good story, if true!” Do you see that important word “IF”.

    Personally I don’t believe it’s true! Also revealing this on the top notch news source of Opie and Anthony really lend credence to the story!

  • rock

    He (Kyle) admitted he punched Ventura and that he ran off. Personally, I wish he’d lie low and quit making a spectacle of himself. Most snipers serve quietly and kill hesitantly. He seems to be “proud” of his skill. I understand he took out some bad guys, but give me a break, so did thousands of other soldiers who didn’t have the luxury of targeting a known bad guy, and most don’t gloat about it.

  • TL

    Just like a sniper to cheapshot and hide


    Oh so 75 witnesses of CHRIS KYLE’S ASSAULT and RESISTING ARREST?!! And he didn’t go to jail? Hmm clearly bullshit

  • john

    He lied….

    And no other witnesses came forward like someone claimed…

    In fact Chris Kyle is about to have a hellstorm over his head…people who know him are saying Chris has mental issues since he has been back

  • Garth

    Hey rock, how about listening to an interview before talking out your ass. On Opie & Anthony he was NOTHING but humble the entire time and was, in fact, a bit of a boring interview until he got into the Jesse Ventura stuff, and it was boring mostly because he WASN’T arrogant about it and DIDN’T gloat about it at all.

  • Diogenes

    Never happened. Jesse Ventura has a statement on his official facebook page and gave an interview yesterday saying it never happened. Plus, as opposed to the wars as he is, Jesse’s support of our troops – and ESPECIALLY his fellow SEALs is legendary. This is total nonsense to sell a book and Kyle will be sued in short order.

  • Tailsin_Nyosis

    Yeah, this clearly happened with 75 witnesses and this is the first we are all hearing about it. Are you neo-cons really that gullible? There is a reason the stories and comments/responses on FOX’s site and blogs are disappearing. Libel time is on the way.

  • Jon

    This is Chris Kyle’s business number in texas. Let Chris and his business partners know what you think of him.

  • Tom

    I listened to both Mr. Kyle and Ventura. Mr. Ventura admits to being at the bar the night this supposedly happened. Mr. Kyle was put on the spot on the O&A show, a caller told Opie to ask him about it. He verified the story is all. My biggest problem with Mr. Ventura (other than he seems out of his mind most of the time) is in his description of that night he states that he doesn’t remember all this going on in the bar. He said he doesn’t remember meeting Mr. Kyle and doesn’t even know his name. So Mr. Ventura being a SEAL doesn’t know one of the most decorated SEALs in history? And he didn’t know that in the bar that night they were having a wake for Mikie Monsoor who died and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor??? Either Mr. Ventura doesn’t pay attention to SEALs or has completely forgotten a SEAL CMH recipient and a highly decorated SEAL. The issue isn’t the punch, it’s did Mr. Ventura make the comment “you guys deserved to lose a few”? Looking at the two, the credibility has to go to Mr. Kyle. He hasn’t been a fake WWF wrestler called “The Body” or run around the country for years spouting conspiracy theories. Come on Jesse, you told us that the fluoride in water is the same as Prozac???? Not even remotely the same elements. this is the guy we should believe? By the way, fluoride in water is probably the most successful program we have ever done. Ask the toothless rest of the world. You don’t get 3 silver stars and 5 bronze stars for nothing. Give him the respect he deserves. I see the Ron Paul crew is chiming in, maybe you guys should tell Ventura you don’t want him on your team. Trying to smear every person who disagrees with a Ron Paul supporter doesn’t put a good light on your cause. It puts a persona out there that you all have blinders on. For the record I like Ron Paul.

  • FT

    You can decide for yourself if you think Ventura has any credibility:

  • Dan

    Chris Kyle is only trying to promote his assasin’s book through character assasination.

    Jesse owes me some fishing in Mn

  • signalfire

    I saw an interview with Ventura after this. He states that it’s a good thing this isn’t true because Kyle was admitting to assault and battery, which has a pretty long sentence and his tape admitting to this is a confession.

    I think now that Kyle’s book has hit the best seller list, there will be legal action taken.

    What kind of person shoots people from a distance for years, gets awards for it, and then supposedly takes a swing at a human tank like Ventura and then runs away? Is this what passes for ‘hero’ in the US? Alternatively, why are we giving medals to cowards?

  • jay

    “The incident was later confirmed by 2 SEALs who witnessed the confrontation” …………..I personally believe that it may have happen. Sucker Punching Ventura isnt like some great accomplishment no one would ever try doing. A couple bears, a couple words, and it can happen to anyone. I dont see why a man who has slaughtered people for a living in warfare would need to lie about something as petty as socking Ventura in a bar.

  • JoeH

    I just finished Chris Kyle’s book. Before making judgements about how wonderful Jessie Ventura is, and what a “punk” Chris Kyle is per John Connor (above post) and Alex Jones, one might want to find out about who Chris Kyle is and his accomplishments as a four tours Iraq warrior. One thing for sure, there is no one posting here, including Ventura or Jones, who would call Chris Kyle a ‘punk’ to his face. Chris Kyle has no reason to lie about this or dream it up. On the other hand we all know Ventura is clearly off the reservation with his boisterous openly anti-America rhetoric and his new home in Mexico. Also… There is no comparison of the SEALs training, equipment, and toughness, in Ventura’s era compared to the modern day SEAL. I would guess Ventura might not even make it through the first phase of today’s SEAL training where only about 10% make it…

  • JoeH

    I would add this: Who was the first person Ventura cried to about this matter? It was Alex Jones who makes millions living serving up conspiracies to the gullible…


    LOL….. First off we are talking about the nutjob Jessie Ventura….. If you believe half the garbage that guys spouts off i guarantee you most likely were a tinfoil hat to sleep everynight. And his book is on the best seller list because he killed over 160 insurgents not because he bitch slapped jessie ventura …. cmon people use your brains why would he lie???

  • Adie

    IT IS AN ABSOLUTE FACT that Jesse did get knocked down at McPhee’s in Coronado. SO all of you that doubt that this happened don’t live in Coronado or the SEAL Community. The word was on the street in about 60 seconds after the HIT. AND you can believe everyone was elated that someone finally had the gutts to shut Jesse up. I am sure Jesse has had many hits to his head so he probably can’t remember much anymore. Maybe he got in some biker fights when he rode with the Monguls. Jesse, we all remember you riding dirty with dirty law breaking bikers.
    WE can all hope Jesse goes south of the border and stays there forever.
    OH and all of you people that think you know anything about UDT, Jesse was in UDT. But ask him what his job was. He played football for the US NAVY. whoop-de-dooo dooo

    Good going Chris. HOOYAH


    JoeH, of course you are going to say that; your selling a book! You were not at McPhee’s during the alleged incident, what do you know bone head??? You should ask your buddy Mr. Kyle how many former S.E.A.L.’s who are approximately Mr. Ventura’s age can successfully navigate through Phase One…

  • Mike Petkus

    Chris Kyle is a punk/non American money grubber who history will ERASE.
    Jesse Ventura is a REAL American.
    I can’t wait for Jesse to mop the court floor with this liar’s false statements as Jesse WILL win his lawsuit.
    Anybody who believes anything this Chris Kyle loser says is an IDIOT.

    Bye Bye Chris Kyle!
    You are LOSER for EVER and EVER and EVER….

    Mike Petkus
    A Real American

  • GoJesse

    Uh, let’s not forget that Opie the crackhead and Anthony the gooseneck giggler are a show that is virtually unknown outside of their based state. And their credibility was dropping long before Jesse Ventura walked out of an interview with them.

    Chris’ supposed 255 kills are not all confirmed and of those that can be, it’s only around 90 or so and even those records have yet to come out for verification. I think it’s interesting that someone who is trying to SELL A BOOK AND…AND…AND push his new training business would go to Faux news. Even Faux news, the child of Rupert Murdoch who is under criminal investigation in the UK for violating several laws to ‘get news’, can only be trusted to sensationalize this guy and slobber over themselves to book him as a guest at a time when the vast majority of their shows content is primarily aimed at getting people to vote for Romney.

    So Chris tries to shine himself on as mister gung ho patriot huh? Right. You mean the same patriot who has called our vice president of the united states a ‘traitor’? Good thing ol’ Chris waited to do that after he got out of uniform or he’d be sitting in a brig somewhere till the Navy decided what to do with him and frnakly, if Chris had been serving under Biden he would’ve had an ethical responsibiility to voluntarily stand down, not being able to accept the chain of command’s orders.

    And NOW he’s saying he sucker punched Jesse who, unlike what some of you have read, DID serve in Vietnam or else he wouldn’t have gotten his service ribbon for doing so. He didn’t go on reserve until AFTER he left Vietnam. Jesse IS a decorated vet of a foreign war. He also went on to serve the public in the civilian sector as mayor and then Governor. So Chris is essentially admitting to punching out not just someone who is his own brother in arms, but actually sucker punching him and running away. And he did that to a former Governor as well. Chris has no such high ideals for the rest of his life. HE is all about making money and stomping on behalf of the Repubs.

    And it was disgusting to watch him speak with a fork tongue to O’Reilly by saying he was mr.humble warrior and so didn’t mention punching Jesse in his book because he didn’t want draw any attention to the book that way…hmmm…gee Chris, but it was ok to talk about it six years later because your book sales were meager, at best/?…. but he sure didn’t mind at all spilling the ‘punch and run’ story to O’Reilly. So much for mr.clearance, spooky spooky tight lip boy’s credibility.

    BTW, what self respecting SEAL pulls a sucker punch on an older SEAL and former Governor? Talk about a weak ass move man.

    And Chris was all up on Faux news making damned sure that everyone knew HE didn’t suffere from PTSD because…why? Because Bill O’Reilly and his ilk are now trying to undermine the returning vets who NEED medical and psychiatric care for enduring the horrors of war and who EARNED THAT RIGHT to get it. Bill and his neo con crowd always budget for war but rarely does that budget get padded for the IMPACTS ON OUR SOLDIERS FROM the wars. End goal: To support the Republicans who want to strip the those EARNED benefits away from our valiant returning men and women who need care now and help to get on with their lives and past the ghosts of dead ones and the horrific nightmares and etc etc and they don’t need someone running around beating his chest like he’s some super soldier who thinks the VA should cut funds from the veterans of all of our wars we’ve waged. Which, in my book, makes him a hundred more times treacherous than anything our VP has said. Chris has DONE. He’s kissing butts, all the wrong butts, to get his time in the light but will try to pull that mumbly mouthed Mr.Humble Guy nonsense and say the books not about him. Right chris, but you’re the one running the talk show circuit which you get paid, speaking at clinics, which YOU get paid for, and now politically stomping for Romney, which you get paid for all while using your face time on these shows to build the business YOU get paid for.

    Hmmm…who’s more credible here?

    Jesse Ventura, hands down.

  • JessieisNOTlieing

    Ventura didn’t just “complete SEAL training” (then as now it was called BUD/S – Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL, the same training for both UDTs and SEALs), he also actively served on an Underwater Demolition Team in Vietnam. Since then, all UDTs have been merged into SEALs and all those who served on UDTs are now recognized as SEALs – the same way “Army Air Corps” veterans are now recognized as “Air Force” veterans.

    In any case, after leaving Vietnam, he did his reserve duty on Reserve SEAL Team ONE – and yes, I do mean designated “SEAL” at the time, wearing the trident and all. Ventura served as a SEAL. (If anyone wants to say reserve duty isn’t “real” duty, please say it to the faces of the reservists coming home from Iraq… while they’re still in a group and on their feet… and let them patiently explain otherwise to you.)

    Captain Larry Bailey, USN (Ret.), a SEAL, and former Commanding Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center (where all Navy SEALS undergo basic and advanced training), vouches for Ventura here:

    I gave you the link on my previous last line above. At that site, the former CO of the Naval Special Warfare Center, a retired SEAL himself, explicitly states [direct quote, emphasis added]:

    “Jesse Ventura went through UDT/SEAL Class 58 in 1970 and was assigned to UDT-12, where he spent three years (including three deployments to Subic Bay, Philippines). As a UDT frogman, he operated in Viet Nam waters and earned the US Viet Nam Service Ribbon. He undoubtedly, like so many UDT men of that era, went ashore in Viet Nam for short periods of time. After he was released from active duty in 1973, he joined Reserve SEAL Team ONE. The point here is that all graduates of BUD/S are referred to within the Naval Special Warfare community as SEALs. They received the same training, whether they went to SEAL Teams or Underwater Demolition Teams. The case made by Commander Salisbury on Fox News Channel recently is without merit; Jesse Ventura is a SEAL by any definition. – Larry Bailey, Captain, USN (Ret.)” [end of quote]

    Captain Bailey, who is a 27-year SEAL veteran and used to command the SEAL program, knows what he is talking about, and contradicts you on almost every point. (Combat was not in dispute; Ventura never claimed combat.)

    To be utterly, utterly fair to Chris Kyle – just as only he accuses himself of punching Jesse Ventura, and nobody else (including Ventura) supports that accusation – only Chris Kyle has attested to his “255″ claimed sniper kills. Others have confirmed a bare 160, leaving 95 unconfirmed and on his say-so alone. In view of this punching-Ventura fairytale, Kyle’s say-so seems a flimsy reed.

    At this point, it’s not just Jesse Ventura you accuse of “outright lying” but also Captain Larry Bailey USN (Ret.), a 27-year SEAL veteran and the former Commanding Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center (where all Navy SEALS undergo basic and advanced training) – who’s quoted above in bold. Link already provided before your first comment

  • Fake

    Chris Kyle isn’t military. He;s more like a media FRAUD. Coast Guard 12 yars. See this type of propaganda a lot but not perpetuated by media. They must have an objective, and it’s obvious it’;s to discredit Jesse on season 3.