Map of Downtown Tunnels Is Here

photoDowntown resident/neighbor Noah Jeppson launched a campaign on Kickstarter in June. He wanted a beautiful map that accurately plotted the downtown tunnel system. He had worked on one before, but it was a little out of date. The last printed version was done before DART was in the area. So, Jeppson saw a need.

Several months, countless hours, and $1,200 later, Jeppson has 10,000 maps to hand out. He just dropped a few off by our office. I plan on using mine to get home tonight.

Jeppson has lived downtown for 6 years. He currently lives in the beautifully renovated 400 N. Ervay (which I immediately fell in love with and wrote about here). I told him my feelings about the tunnels, and he said he’s neutral. “They’re an asset that already exists, so why close them down?” he says. “Don’t expand them, but don’t close them down.” He’s on a task force that is evaluating the tunnels. He said the group is close to releasing some recommendations. I hope one of those recommendations is to open the tunnels around lunch on Saturdays. I know it won’t happen, but I would really love to be able to get a Salata salad or a Chick-fil-A sandwich without getting in my car.

If you want one of Jeppson’s maps, check out his site here or stop by our office. I’ll have a few at the front desk.


  • Major props to Mr. Jeppson.

  • Thank you for letting us know about this…I’m such a map geek that I went ahead and bought one! And now I know what I’m exploring on my next day off…

  • SDM

    page 2 looks exactly like the map I got on my first day of work at Ren Tower 11+ years ago, seems all he added was an index of what each building has.

  • As one of the presenting sponsors, I am really happy with how this has turned out.
    Guerilla Urbanists, chalk this up as another win.