Is Ed Young Really “Sexually Stunted”?

Over the last few weeks, pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa, of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, have received a lot of international attention for their book, Sexperiment: Seven Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, and their 24-hour bed-in on the church roof–promotion for said book. Most of the coverage has been relatively positive, because who doesn’t want to see a Southern Baptist preacher encouraging more sex? Well, the writer of this Salon book review, that’s who. The reviewer, Tracy Clark-Flory, is a self-described “arrogant, unrepentant atheist and fornicator” and she has major problems with both the content of the Youngs’ book (and another Christian “sex advice” book released this month) and with the way the media has covered them.

Says Clark-Flory: “Having actually read these books, I can tell you they are not the wild sex manuals the media frenzy suggests – in fact, they are treatises against homosexuality, pornography and premarital sex. None of this is exactly surprising, but amid the sexy buzz surrounding these books, it’s important to underscore just how sexually stunted they are.”

That’s just the beginning. She goes on to rip several Sexperiment metaphors as well as the anti-porn message. But she concludes the books “also answer questions that most Christians are too afraid to ask their pastors about whether particular sex acts are God-approved and, according to them, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, menstrual sex and sex toys are A-OK (again, within the context of straight, married sex).” She sees that as “a slam against the Santorums of the world.”


  • Tom

    I’m just waiting for the media to stop covering it. All they want is publicity. Having a megachurch and 30K members isn’t enough?

  • BillHemmer

    You can not discuss mega church sex honestly without listing the location of various glory holes and male hookers.

  • reader

    Sorry, Tom — it’s been on the NYTimes bestseller list for two weeks — so media coverage is likely to go on.

  • I’m just hoping Robert Jeffress is writing a book on this topic.

  • Jon

    I’m glad a pastor has the guts to speak on this subject. I know many don’t understand, but the topic of sex is usually avoided in the church. Instead of taking the subject head on, it’s dodged and avoided leading to misconceptions and ignorance regarding relationships. I don’t think this is an attention stunt as much as it is made out to be. Again, they’re pastors of a 30k member church. How much more attention could they need?