Inspired by the Dallas Opera, Texas Motor Speedway Bringing NASCAR to Park Cities

Vowing not to be outdone by the Dallas Opera‘s move to screen The Magic Flute at Cowboys Stadium, Texas Motor Speedway says it’s decided to run its April 13-14 NASCAR Sprint Cup race through the streets of the Park Cities. The unusual plan was announced this morning by TMS CEO Eddie Gossage and the mayors of Highland Park and University Park.  “We want to get NASCAR out of the speedway, and bring it to a whole new audience,” Gossage said. “So we gonna do it up right.”

Under the plan, stocks cars competing in April’s Samsung Mobile 500 will follow a circular route bounded roughly by University Boulevard on the north, Preston Road to the west, Armstrong Parkway/Byron Avenue on the south and Hillcrest Avenue to the east. Those streets will be blocked off to usual traffic, and the cities will waive some noise ordinances, open-container laws, and restrictions against RV parking for the weekend event.

As a result of the latter, tailgating by NASCAR fans will be allowed during the weekend at Highland Park Village, on the grounds of some gated mansions along Preston Road, and on the golf-course fairways at the Dallas Country Club. Food trucks from Denny’s, KFC and other restaurants will cater the event. Tailgaters with special permits also will be allowed to relieve themselves in Turtle Creek during the weekend, the officials said.


  • Poo-Bah

    Release the April’s Fool post early?

  • JB

    You’d be surprised. HP might let it happen. Except they probably wont let this guy race. ….cause, you know, he is so ….young.

  • Bella

    I’m seriously disappointed this isn’t happening. I would have driven over from East Dallas just to watch the spectacle.

  • Eric

    Tim – Glenn got into Zac’s crack again.

  • ket

    The Onion makes it look sooooo easy. Apparently it isn’t.

    Good effort, though.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @Eric: It wasn’t the crack, it was the cheese.