Glenn Beck Gives Tour of His New Las Colinas Studio, the “American Dream Labs”

That there is a video of Mr. Glenn Beck–who comes across like that uncle of yours who spends all his time in his wood-paneled den fiddling with electronic doodads he bought at RadioShack–giving a tour of his new HQ being built at the Studios at Las Colinas.  You may remember that he was initially going to set up shop in a former megachurch in Southlake, but he decided instead to work from the place that made Walker, Texas Ranger such an iconic television program.

He’s calling the place the “American Dream Labs,” and he hopes that it both inspires and will “drive the left out of their mind.”

Speaking of the left being driven out of places, July 26-28 might be a good time to plan to leave town for your summer vacation this year. Those are the dates when thousands of Beck’s acolytes will descend upon Dallas-Fort Worth for his “Restoring Love” event, which will conclude with a rally at Jerry’s Death Star.



  • Thousands? Perhaps millions?

  • Neal

    How nice of Rod Dreher and his family to pose for that portrait.