Earthquake! In Dallas! But Where Was It, Exactly?

I don’t mean to suggest there’s any dispute about where this morning’s Dallas earthquake was centered. Since all the local news outlets are singing off the same U.S. Geological Survey song sheet, there’s agreement in their reports that the epicenter was near Bethany’s house, roughly at the intersection of Inwood Road and Northwest Highway.

But nearly all of our local media sources had a different description of where exactly that is.

The Star-Telegram reports that the tiny quake occurred “in the Preston Hollow area.”

The Dallas Morning News and Fox 4 both say it happened “near the Preston Hollow area of Dallas.”

Robert Wilonsky on Unfair Park describes it as taking place in his “near-neck of Northwest Dallas.”

CBS 11 employs its Random Capitalization formatting to describe the scene: “An Earthquake rattled parts of the metroplex Friday morning. The quake happened just after Midnight and was centered near the Love Field area.”

NBC 5 needs to update its map. It says it all took place “in University Park.” And further claims that the Starbucks in Preston Center sits in University Park as well. Close, but not quite right.  (UPDATE: They’ve heeded our advice and changed the headline and copy to say “near University Park,” but they’re still claiming that Starbucks is in UP.)

But the gold medal goes to WFAA, Channel 8. They helpfully informed viewers that the quake occurred near the giant, disembodied heads of Mark Cuban and George W. Bush:


  • Bonnie

    I live near Hockaday, Midway and Forest, and the loud boom woke me. My daughter in the kitchen said she felt like she was going to fall down. Was up for an hour or two trying to figure out what is was. If i’m not mistaken there is a creek right there at Inwood and Northwest Hwy. Sounded like a house explosion. Just sayin!

  • Tuesday

    Same here. Woke kid too. I would have never guessed this b/c I heard rather than felt it here 3 blocks away. And yes, it’s a creek, the Strait Branch of Bachman Creek.