Dr. Phil Gets A Kick in the Pants

There is much to dislike about UNT product Dr. Phil (McGraw). You’ll recall two former DMN writers published an entire book of stuff to dislike about him. Now comes an open letter from the president of the nation’s largest skeptic group. I’m not sure where endorsing “psychics” ranks next to inappropriately touching patients, selling dangerous weight-loss products, shady hiring practices, or the damage done to society by his “common sense solutions” to serious problems like addiction and domestic violence, but it’s up there.


  • JB

    From where comes an open letter from the president of what largest skeptic group? Link or something please.

  • Done.

  • Senor

    Funny. In the third sentence of Grothe’s letter, he refers to the guests as “phony psychics.” Sounds like Grothe would have preferred Dr. Phil invite genuine psychics to his show.

  • Poor word choice from Grothe. Or an editing decision. Instead of “phony,” he might well have written “lying, thieving, extremely unethical.” But it does the raise the question of whether the word “psychics” should have quotes (or air quotes, as the case may be). Putting the marks there implies the person being described is a phony, but it might also imply that some “psychics” are not.

  • CollinBabs

    Did we have to mention UNT? As an alum, I’m cringing…Don’t blame the university…

  • ket

    UNT did invite him back as the keynote speaker for graduation recently. It’s not like they don’t enjoy the connection.