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Dallas Ranks Among Smelliest Cities on the Planet

By Jason Heid |

That’s according to GQ. And “scent critic” Chandler Burr means “smelliest” in the best possible way:

Cities, like people, have their own smell, their own body odors and perfumes that take on personalities. Dallas is one of the strangest scents I have ever encountered. Highways of strip malls and gas stations and exit signs. Insanely wide streets. It’s very New World-smelling. It almost has a non-scent scent. Like many cities, you get concrete, car exhaust, and dust. If you really focus, you can pick up on the nearly undetectable Texas live oak. It’s best during thunderstorms, though. The crisp smell of lightning and rain and vast flat space pervades and takes on a three-dimensional quality.

God, I love the smell of the air before a thunderstorm. He’s got that right, but I never thought it peculiar to Dallas.

We’re No. 10 on the list. The best smelling place?  Los Angeles.

It’s a strange list. Mumbai ranks above us too.  Paris is singled out as the worst-smelling.

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