Dale Hansen Takes a 32 Percent Pay Cut

Uncle Barky has the news that Dale Hansen has signed a contract extension that will keep him at WFAA Channel 8 till 2017. But in 2014, when his current contract expires, he will take a 32 percent pay cut — which he’s happy with. The TV news business has changed since the glory days when the top anchors in Dallas made $600,000 and up. But when Hansen tells Ed Bark, “I do think it’s somewhat important that people — especially at Channel 8 — know I play by the same rules,” I’m sure some people in the Channel 8 newsroom make bitter beer face. Because 68 percent of whatever Hansen is making now is still a lot more than they’ll ever make.

In any case, Hansen is still, for my money, the best anchor on local TV. (Waiting for Eric Celeste to have conniption in the ATL.)


  • Tom

    Tim, you buried the lede. We also learned in that post that Uncle Barky is now on Twitter.
    This move comes nearly three years after he bashed Hansen and Pete Delkus for using it and said he is not a “tweeter,” going on to say in the comments that Twitter was just a fad.

  • Eric Celeste

    Totes magotes fine with Dale getting all the money he can before he’s replaced by Gordon Keith.

  • Hansen may or may not be the best anchor on local tv, but he is certainly th’ most popular. FAAnews has become as soft as everyone elses; at least Dale keeps it entertaining.

  • CollinsBabs

    Yea, more Dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (smiley face)

  • marisa

    As long as Dale keeps bashing Jerry Jones he can stay on channel 8.

  • Cynthia

    Gordon Keith would mean I would never, ever again watch Channel 8. Blecccchhh!

  • Roscoe P Coltrane

    A-geee-gee-geee! Get it Dale! The day Gordon Keith does the sports is the day channel 8 is deleted from my televisions memory. Sorry Gloria.

  • Never used the words “just a fad,” either in the story or in comments. But you’re right. I didn’t tweet at the time, and thought that much of the chatter on Twitter was childish at best. Guess I’ve grown up, although I still use Twitter sparingly, and mainly used it from press tour as an alternative to unclebarky.com, because all of my posts from out there were for locatetv.com.

    Looks as though Tim didn’t see the Tweets on Dale either. His post and link (thank ya, Tim) came two weeks after my initial tweets on Dale’s new contract extension. Guess he needs to follow.

    • Ed Bark is talking about how he got something first. What is going on???? THAT NEVER EVER HAPPENS.

  • Hank west

    Dale Hansen, is over paid! His stand on the American flag is completely delusional! People don’t wear the flag Dale, they wear something that resembles the flag .Unlike you Dale we fought and many of brothers fought and died for the flag of the United States of America . Taking a knee in the National anthem , black, brown, white or any color is disrepecting the flag. You are disrespectiing the young man and his parents Of the 19 not 18 That died in Vietnam.Dale have you ever seen the picture of the Marines fighting to hold up the flag during World War 2? I realize you are a democrat and very liberal .That is your right, but when our flag is raised you will stand or if you don’t then you are disrespectful ! Americans that are being over paid to play football or baseball ( yes over paid) is a privilege! They get paid to be role models! If you are any player choose to protest it is your right but not at the expense of disrespecting our flag! You and your fellow black players should find a new job! If you feel that its your right or privilege to disrespect our flag while getting paid to do a job you are 100 % incorrect! Do it on your own time not what we are paying for! Get a job as a political voice not a sports announcer! You have lost all my respect not that it matters to a liberal pos like you!