D Magazine Cover Model Rick Snyder Becomes President of Dallas County Medical Society

You see this handsome devil? His name is Richard W. Snyder II. In November of 2009, the cardiologist graced our cover. And now comes perhaps his second biggest achievement in life: he has been installed as the new president of the Dallas County Medical Society. Full release after the jump. (And full disclosure right here between these parentheses: Dr. Snyder has seen me shirtless, with a whole bunch of wires attached to my chest. In a strictly professional capacity. I swear.)

Dallas County Medical Society installs Dallas cardiologist as president

Dallas–January 23, 2012

The Dallas County Medical Society installed Richard W. Snyder II, MD, as its 129th president on Thursday, Jan. 19, at the Park City Club. Two awards were presented: the Charles Max Cole, MD, Leadership Award to Robert W. Haley, MD, and the Millard J. and Robert L. Heath Award to Congressman Pete Sessions.

Snyder is a cardiologist at Medical City Dallas Hospital. He prides himself on being a preventive specialist, emphasizing the prevention of cardiovascular disease primarily through risk factor modification, especially diet, exercise and weight loss. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he completed medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, with a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in cardiovascular disease. Snyder grew up in Dallas and attended Jesuit College Preparatory School. He is married to Shelley Hall, MD, a cardiologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

Haley was honored with the Charles Max Cole, MD, Leadership Award, which recognizes a DCMS member for outstanding service to the profession of medicine and to the community. Haley is a DCMS past president. He is a professor of internal medicine and director of the Division of Epidemiology in the Internal Medicine Department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Haley has conducted extensive research on the epidemiology and prevention of hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections to improve the quality of hospital care and, more recently, the Gulf War syndrome. He holds the US Armed Forces Veterans Distinguished Chair for Medical Research Honoring America’s Gulf War Veterans. He is a longtime Dallas resident, having graduated from Sunset High School and Southern Methodist University.

Congressman Sessions was presented the Millard J. and Robert L. Heath Award, which recognizes a layperson who has provided outstanding leadership and service to medicine and to the community. Congressman Sessions was selected based on his work with Dallas County physicians to improve health care and the healthcare system.


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  • Eric Celeste

    I forget: Is he the one we replaced at the last minute when Wick wouldn’t let us put the Asian woman on the cover?

  • Flaco

    @Tim Rogers

    Any relation to Rob Snyder of Stream Energy, Tim?

    And if YES, why would you not mention that fact in light of the subpeona served on you last week?


  • Rob Snyder’s Imaginary Friend

    Rick is in fact Rob’s older brother.

    Although Rick is adopted. Or so I am told.

  • RAB

    Rick Snyder is Rob Snyder’s father.

  • The Other Rob Snyder

    Dr. Snyder did indeed become President of of the DCMS during an event held Thursday night of last week and stretching into the following morning. Hugo Chavez could learn a thing from Dr. Snyder about the length of public speeces.

  • RAB

    Correction: Rick Snyder is Rob Snyder’s father on his mother’s side.

  • Inspector Detector

    A fiver says that Clearman Clown goes after Tim’s emails with this Snyder too.

  • Jenny S.

    Didn’t H.L. Hunt used to talk about a “genius gene”? Maybe he was right?

    Off the top of my head, I can not think of any Dallas siblings as independently accomplished. Reminds you of the three Emanuel brothers of Chicago.

    That would make a good story.

  • RLS

    @Jenny S.

    “Independently accomplished?” I don’t know about that.

    But anyway, that’s funny. Have you been taking lessons from this guy?


  • RAB

    @ Jenny S:

    Presumably, Rick would be Ezekiel. Would Rob be Rahm or Ari?

  • Inspector Detector

    I realized over the weekend that Rick Snyder also hates plaintiff trial attorneys worse than his brother. He has been one of the leading medical activists in the state for gutting the medical malpractice “trip and fall” lawyers.

  • MFB

    Fortunately for me, Dr. Snyder prevented the heart attack I had last Saturday from being a fatal one. So, quiite frankly, all the rest of your comments aren’t worth a pile of…

  • Informed

    Rick and Rob are brothers. By blood. And you know what? He’s pretty damn smart. And like said, he saves lives. So move on.