The Schlegels Do Bravo: Kim Whitman and Kari Kloewer on Top Chef: Texas

SideDish has a full recap of last night’s Top Chef: Texas episode on the way (UPDATE: Here it is.), but I wanted to remark upon the season’s first episode to be set in Dallas. What was the first impression that producers gave viewers of our city?  Why, Highland Park, of course.

Sisters Kim Schlegel Whitman and Kari Schlegel Kloewer hosted two-thirds of a “progressive dinner.” I’ll leave the food talk to SideDish, except to say that the “gummy bear” that Court and Kameron Westcott (They hosted the dessert portion of the dinner. Kameron was one of our 10 Most Beautiful Women in 2009) said they had at their wedding sounds truly disgusting. And the Top Chef judges were taken aback when they heard that Kari’s wedding had 700 guests and Kim’s wedding had 1,200 guests. They thought the ladies were joking.

Never heard of the Schlegels? Umm, have you never visited this website before?

Wondering where they got all that money? Here’s how.


  • A. B.

    Funniest Top Chef episode ever. The commentary by the chefs about working for the hoity toity was perfect. Being anti-cilantro is the new black, I guess.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    It was an odd choice, especially after a bizarre quickfire challenge to seemed made-up on the spot. Instead of showcasing the city–something unique and interesting about it–they opted for an awkward glimpse inside the gleaming, antiseptic lives of our betters. Tom and Padma and Gail looked like they walked into an Amway ambush. Oh well, at least the chefs didn’t end up at a dude ranch cooking buzzard meat.

  • me

    Surely I’m not the only person who finds the self-promoting Schlegel family to be tacky and offensive.