Rick Perry’s American Road Show: Astonishing Tales From His Ramble Towards the White House

James Richard Perry
James Richard Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination to become the next president of the United States on August 13. Since that day, he’s catapulted to the top of the polls and then just as quickly fell back to the middle of the pack of contenders. With only a week left before the Iowa Caucuses on January 3, many observers wonder whether Perry’s campaign can survive if he doesn’t pull off an impressive showing there.

But instead of worrying that we won’t get to see Perry play on the national stage much longer, let’s appreciate the grand entertainment to which we’ve been treated these last several months. D Magazine‘s Zac Crain has covered Perry’s every step, in a way unlike any other journalist in the world. Follow the links for his recaps of the governor’s long, strange trip.

Aug. 15: Recap of Gov. Rick Perry’s Monday Morning Press Briefing

Sept. 7: Rick Perry Talks About Texas A&M’s Move to the SEC

Sept. 27: Rick Perry Responds to Questions About His Debate Performance

Oct. 17: Rick Perry Talks to Reporters About the State of His Campaign

Oct. 27: Rick Perry Discusses His New Debate Strategy

Accept no substitute.
Accept no substitute.

Nov. 2: Rick Perry Explains His Weird Behavior in New Hampshire

Nov. 9: Rick Perry Introduces His Son to the Media

Nov. 10: A Recap of Rick Perry’s Debate Performance

Nov. 16: Rick Perry Suffers a Traumatic Setback

Nov. 29: Rick Perry Prepares For His Tonight Show Appearance

Nov. 30: Rick Perry on the Voting Age

Dec. 6: Rick Perry is Sad About Herman Cain

Dec. 21: Behind the Scenes on Rick Perry’s Latest Campaign Ad


  • J bennett

    He is almost a caricature…what a buffoon and representative he is for this state!

  • Zac’s talented. But he can’t hold a candle to candid Rick when it comes to the theater of the of the absurd.

    Ricks sees his double dipping as doing what everyone else with his morals would do. He’s right of course.

    Rick sees the expense of his state paid security force while campaigning for President as promoting Texas. Again, from his moral perch, correctamundo one more time.

    The only thing more ignorant than Rick and his morality is the morals of those who voted the fool into office again and a again.

  • amanda

    I’ll be sad when Perry flames out, or fades away. Zac’s re-caps will end. *tear*

  • GMOM

    Guess I never heard him speak the whole 10 years he has been in office, has anyone else? How did he get to be Governor? Was everyone asleep or just me? Wow –

  • Can I add to Amanda’s comment “streams of tears”?

  • Paul Jenkins

    Rick Perry’s campaign said that he needed more sleep; perhaps he needs even more sleep. At this rate he’ll be sleeping 20 hours a day.

  • Borborygmus


    Fear not, intrepid readers, Rick’s going nowhere,
    His term’s until ’15, he’s stayin’ right here
    As governor, should his run for President fail.
    He’ll still be in Austin, shaking his tail
    With his posse of former goverment employees
    Now lobbyists for the tax-subsidized industries.
    And even better, with nothing to do on the docket
    He’ll have more time to jog with that gun in his pocket.

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah.