Leading Off (12/1/11)

Tyson Chandler Expects to Leave the Mavericks. “I really think I’m going to be on a new team come training camp,” he told ESPN.com. “I’m really taking a hard look at all of my options, trying to see what best suits me.” What best suits me is FORGETTING I EVER READ THAT STUPID QUOTE.

AA Pilots Picked a Bad Time to Halt Negotiations. Now that American Airlines in in bankruptcy, the pilots’ salaries figure to be going from business to coach. (Ohmygod, did you see what I just did?) “There’s no way to dress this thing up. It’s ugly,” said Tom Hoban of the pilots’ union. He then stated the flight time, cruising altitude, and pointed out a nice view of downtown Dallas out of the right side of the cabin.

Heritage Auctions Sells a Piece of Paper for $388,375. OK, it was a checklist that helped Apollo 13 commander Tom Hanks guide the damaged spacecraft back to Earth. What do you want me to end with: a “Houston, we have a problem” joke or an Apollo Creed reference? TOO SLOW. Here’s a scene from Space Jam instead.


  • J bennett

    Perhaps too many of the AA pilots are still living in the Golden Age of the aviation industry because their demands in the present economic climate sure seemed pretty unreasonable and with more than an air of arrogance and hubris..and they seemed to have brought down the entire company because of it…just sayin’!

  • Jeff

    ^ What he/she said.

  • Becca

    J Bennett – too many pilots still live in the Golden Age of the aviation industry – not just AA pilots. UAL pilots got shot down to reality for awhile, but trust me they have become unreasonable and even more arrogant as time has progressed since their bankruptcy.

    Pilot unions are just one of the downfalls of the airline industry. But they play a big part.

  • J-No

    zac is in his element today … just sayin’!

  • Sybils Beaver

    I love you cute little people who want to lay blame at the feet of the pilots and their union. I would venture to say that management and the unions were both complicit in this bankruptcy filing. Im sure both have mixed emotions. No-one is better off in bk court, but the pilots got what they wanted…arpey gone…and management is about to get what they want, lower cost unions. In the end, they will live haily ever…oh who am I kidding, they will pull guns on each other again less than 5 years after they emerge from bk.

  • Becca

    Thanks for calling me cute. But I lived through the UAL bankruptcy and how it tore 3 of my family member’s careers and pensions apart- two in management, one in a union. Ask any airine worker – bag handler, customer service, flight attendant, dispatcher, manager…etc. And they will ALL roll their eyes when speaking about pilots.

    That’s not to say that management isn’t a problem. But the unions are way out of control, with the pilot’s union being the worst. Ask any other union worker at an airline and they will completely agree. It’s not a public misconception about pilots. It’s an airline reality.

  • Sport

    I’m sure overpaid middle and upper management, and old gashog planes, had nothing at all to do with it. If I’m 30,000 feet in the air, I want the best mechanics working on the planes, and the best pilots money can buy flying them. They should look at cutting flight attendants, gate workers/ticket agents, and baggage handlers’ salaries instead of those of the more important jobs.

  • Sybils Beaver

    you’re welcom becca, I too am a member of the airline family, and am living this bankruptcy right now. I love how you say everyone hates the pilots, but without very skilled professional pilots, there is no need for the rest of the workforce because you wouldnt have an airline. So the fact that they are the most boisterous about pay isnt surprising. Are they arrogant and cocky, sure, but they are no different than any other working human who would like to get a pay raise every year. I mean would you enjoy working for a company who tool pay away from you? Anyhow, sorry to hear your family was torn apart by bankruptcy. But I know very many smart and sensible people who stashed cash and and moved money away from AMR stock and had 401k or saving accounts to keep their money just in case. Hey pensions are nice but they are never guarnanteed, so if you spent your whole spending every red cent you earned bc you thought you had a pension, well you probably had it coming to you anyhow.

  • J bennett

    And here we have it once again but now on the Airline stage the 1% in control and the 99% screwed again.And I and I am sick of the constant vitriol..everyone just seemed to again only being looking out for their own interests ..does anyone ever see the big picture and how this could and should WORK TOGETHER for the COMMON good not just one part of the work force/or country?Selfish interests win again…

  • D. Shapiro

    Last night I ended a joke via text with “Apollo Creed”. Now I just feel stupid.

  • Becca

    Well, if we really want to blame more people, then let us invite the oil companies in for their prices per barrel and the high cost of airline fuel.

    Fat cats at the top are just as bad as unions. But if I get to travel and get paid obscene amounts of money to fly a 777 plane to China and spend the night and fly back again and I might not work for 5-6 days in a row – I really don’t know how much of a raise I really need.

    Are they important to your airline safety? Of course. But so are the flight attendants, ATC, mechanics and flight dispatchers. Why don’t they get as much time off and paid just as nicely?

    Finally, my family did diversify and weren’t caught in the headlights during the bankruptcy. But there is only so much you can do when you work for a company for over 30 years, are tied into the company through ESOP and I can go on and on…but even for the employees that were smart about it – and came out okay – what did they gain by being loyal to a company for so long? It has taught my generation that unions are bust and why be loyal when, in the end, you get screwed.