Dena Miller, aka Mrs. Highland Park, Is Mistaken for Miss World

An alert FrontBurnervian brings our attention to the fact that Dena Miller, Mrs. Highland Park, says on her Facebook page that over the weekend she was mistaken for not only Miss World but Miss America, too. That’s a good weekend indeed! (Here’s an introduction to Miller that you might find as helpful as I did: “Formerly a glam rock scene Diva, Dena is now a Socialite on the Dallas philanthropy scene, specializing in Polo events that benefit women’s and children’s causes. Dena rules the North Texas Polo scene now, as she ruled the ’80s rock scene from Texas to L.A. in it’s heydey.”)


  • Tom

    She also seems to mistake capitalization rules. Heydey!

  • Justin

    Does Dena’s specialty include both horse and water polo? I must know so as to avoid any potential faux pas when I’m putting together my annual “Bros, Bikini’s and Balls” gala to benefit the Jagermeister & Red Bull Foundation.

  • Avid Reader

    When was the Mrs. Highland Park pageant? Do you just become “Mrs. Wherever You are From” when you enter the Mrs. Texas pageant since it seems to be open to anyone who wants to compete? What happens if more than one woman from the same place wants to run?

  • kerryokie

    what a rack!!!

  • kerryokie

    avid reader

    then they compare bank accounts

  • Yes, it was a wonderful weekend indeed! Love the Villages polo Club and community, good people!
    @Tom- I could use an editor, always in hurry!
    @Justin- only horse. i’m a -2 goal player, but proud to ahve a handicap! Sounds like fun, send me the invitation! I also need to make a few more appearances for charitable causes to make my pageant quota. Part of this os about giving back!
    @Avid-You download an application from the websiote, submit it, a photo and bio for consideration.if there are more than one from a community a local pageant will be held. there was one a few weeks ago in Plano for mrs. north Texas and another region, i forget. the proceeds went to a charity. I can say this becasue I’m from the midwest, not here , but probably a lot of HP women feel they are too good for pageants. But, many simply don’t know about this one. When i ran across it i thought how wonderful for a pageant system to celebrate the institution of marriage! i want to help bring awareness to it and to my causes. I champion and produce events for Wipe Out Kids Cancer, Hope’s Door (domestic violence and the North Texas Food Bank. In 1996 Yvonne Crum did compete and was in the top 5!
    @kerryokie-thanks?? is what happens after birthing 4 kids! I find it a hassle but hubby won’t let me get a reduction. So, I live with it.
    @Avid-no, they don’t. that’s silly. In fact, the sponsoship system is set up to make competing affordable for anyone. Sponsorship $ go directly to the contestant to pay her expenses. Sponsor levels are very affordable ranging from $50-$500. I once helped coach the first ever Miss Lake Dallas whose family had no money. i was proud that she won in a dress borrowed from me and a pari of socks in her bra. it was a tie between her and the most popular girl in high school. She won on the tie breaking question, a real nail biter. She answered so eloquently and intelligently, I was so proud of her. proves that anyone can win and I will do my best. Whatever happens, i am having fun, meeting wonderful new friends at the pageant workshop ( shout out to Dawn Neufeld mrs. Frisco!), eating healthy and working out (igh!), so it’s all good!
    A huge thank you to my pageant coach Amy Vanderoef, love you, MUAH!
    Follow me on Twitter @DenaMiller or FB me at Ladena Bergeron-Miller, this is one heck of an experience!

  • James

    This is so embarrassing on so many levels for our great town of Highland Park, with so much history and culture.

  • Epifanio

    Well, there ya go. She seems likeable enough. I’d tell her hubby to walk around with 30 pounds of boobs-a-jigglin’ and see if he might not reconsider a reduction.

  • Dallas CEO

    Way to go Dena, keep it up! You’te great. I live in HP and am proud to have you represent us.

  • Avid Reader

    @Dena, Not sure what your second response to me is about…going to chalk this one up to another victim of the comment cartoon bubble nonsense. That said; congrats on all of the fun you are having, and the charities that you help out.

  • @James- I don’t get it? The Mrs. America pageant is the leading competition for married women throughout the United States highlighting their personal accomplishments ranging from marriage, family, career, and community to talent, beauty, fashion, health, and self-improvement.
    @Epifaino-Thank You!
    @DallasCEO- thank you, i will do my best. I have a great group of friends coming to the pageant to support me and the list is growing! The pressure is on….
    @Avid- In taking a second look, it seems that answer was actually for kerryokie, i’m sorry! And thank you ery much!
    I was at a party last night and got wonderful words of encouragemetn from Pat Smith, a former Miss Virginia, now Mrs. Emmitt Smith. I intend to accomplish what she told me to-have fun and WIN!

  • @James- Is it possible that you are really my internet stalker, Jill, who lives in Far North Dallas? That would explain it! if so, HI! if not, don’t worry, I would never do anything to embarrass my community, this is truly an honor that I’m not taking lightly 🙂

  • Pageant Pro

    These types of pageants are done with a checkbook. You go to the website and fill out an application, once they receive your money they send you a sash. They do not have preliminary pageants that are judged by professionals. These are for fun and for those seeking recognition. That photo of her will not be well received and she should think of toning it down. I have seen many pages, photo’s and comments of hers and other applicants on facebook and twitter. We know more about them than they think. Unlike the other applicants, she seems to be one of those reality star wanna-be’s that is trying to make a name for herself. The socialite women of Highland Park TX. are much more conservative and classic. From what I have seen of this one she is a far from what a Highland Park lady is known to represent.

  • Shall We All Kid Ourselves

    Pageant Pro, you have that right. Kerryokie, that “rack” is not from having 4 children. Look at Michelle Duggar; she’s had 19 children. (Duggar does have a reality show). Those jigless things are bought and paid for, don’t try to kid us. Avid Reader, you can not understand what she is talking about because she does not know what she is talking about, not to mention, can’t spell. Yes, to do for charities is a wonderful thing. To do for charities for attention is pathetic. Pageant Pro, yes agreed on all accounts. Sad thing is for her, she will never make it because her roots (not her brown ones) show through loud and clear. James, good for you. Yes, Highland Park does have class, and they also have some HP Wanna Be Classless. Unfortunate as it is. The writer of this article must be a family member. Who else would waste their time.

  • Shall We All Kid Ourselves

    Is Dallas CEO her husband?

  • Oh, people, don’t be so sad. Life is short, lighten up and don’t take things so seriously. Now, i’m SURE these postings are Jill, lol! yes, i promise you. the rack is from the last two kids. I have a lifetime of photos to prove it:). Everyones body reats differently, I got my grandmothers matronly rack after the last two kids, so what? boobs come in different shapers and sizes and those of you focusing on body parts have issues, i’m afraid.
    Yes, there are fees, as a production costs money. Just like the high priced chairty events that HP is well known for, the hotels, production for fashion shows, caterers, etc. don’t donate, it all has to be paid for. As I said before, you can pay for yourself or you can raise the money with sponsoships so anyone has a fair opportunity to afford. And if you think a local pageant isn’t held, do your research and find that they are when neccessary. Just like the recent one i mentioned,
    As far as the photo you refer to, its not a professional, just one snapped by a friend. yes, i imagine i’ll have to do the airbrushed pro photo shoot for the official pageant photo like everyone else does, sigh. all photos aren’t good. For more photos that you may approve of go to my FB page, Dena Miller is maxed out, friend me at LaDena Bergeron-Miller.
    Typing is the problem, especially with my terrible eyesight, not spelling, lol! If you have time to sit around reading and posting and stalking me, go ahead and nitpick these silly trivial details. But shame on you for suggesting that my charity work is less sincere than others. if you only knew what it means to me to help those that suffer in ways that I have, yes, i have. i am not socialite doing charity work to make a name for myself and my friends know that. In fact, you will not find me on committees for the ones that are sure to plaster you in their pages in Mod Lux, Paper City, etc. You know what I’m talking about. I’m not there, because I’m quietly, diligently doing hands on work for the causes that have touched my life.I will not jump on an attention getting band wagon. Really look at my track record if you want to know what I’m about.
    As far as the reality show, wait until second season of BRT airs in February, clueless. Apparently everyone in this town wants to be on that show…..but you won’t see me.

  • To my friends and supporters: Posts made by such as “Shall we kid Ourselves” are made by Jill, a jealous, bitter woman that once (ahem, cough, choke) “dated”, if you will, my husband. She stalks me on the internet and posts hurtful blogs. Please ignore her…we do.

    Live your life to the fullest, do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt others, don’t be quick to judge. Be happy! Life is too short to be living someone elses dream.

    Please support Wipe Out Kids Cancer. someone very special to me has brought this cause into my life. Tuesday Dec. 13 Designer Stocking Auction at Stanley Korshak 7-9. rsvp [email protected] and Saturday May 5 at the 11th annual Polo on the Lawn at Prestonwood Polo Club.

  • rsvp for Stanley korshak event at [email protected], sorry! Darn finger hit the key next to W again, lol!! and my letters are worn off most of the keys from writing so much… read my stories covering events, grand openings, theatre, movie screenings, etc. at

  • Pageant Pro

    Dena, D Magazine is a well known and respected Texas publication. Please refrain from including negative comments, slang terms or defensive banter in regards to the Pageant. We are honored to receive promotion through this site but please keep it positive and uplifting. No reason for attacks on others, accusations or name calling. We have received emails in regards to your posts and after fact checking are aware that Jill is the Mother of one of your husbands children who is the same age as one of your own. Do not use this outlet to air your personal issues, that does not speak well on your stand for family values or your character. In any pageant it is common that there are those who speak ill of the applicants publicly and we do ignore those words. With the internet it has become much easier for people to point fingers and make negative comments, but Its the words and actions of the applicants themselves where our attention is directed. Please be the type of woman the Mrs.Texas pageant would welcome instead of question. Thank You

  • Ernie Douglas

    Pagent Pro why do you post anonymously? Mrs Miller sounds and looks wonderful. You’re a phony and your comments are disrespectful to the women that work hard to compete in this pagent. Get off of here coward.

  • you people are nuts

    you people are all nuts
    and pageant pro how do you know so much about dena and the evil jill dena speaks about? haha maybe because you are her?

  • A Ernie- i too was wonderign why people hide their identities? Curious. it is obvious that pageant pro IS jill, now more than ever. I ahve spoken highly of the pageant system, nothing she has said there is true, and i am in touch with the state director almost daily. Also, only Jill likes to use any forum she can to make sure people know about the child, she assumes that his age makes it look like soemthing that it isn’t. i don’t want to embarrass my husband but..
    @ jill- WHO was he married to when you got yourself knocked up??
    Yes, crazy people!

  • HP75205

    Dena Miller, aka Mrs. Highland Park, Is Mistaken for Miss World?

    What planet is Dena Miller from?

    Miss World is a beautiful, darling 22 yr. old young lady from Venezuela.

    Dena, you should save yourself the embarrassment of asking your friend to do to these sort of “favors” for you. Writing such nonsense.

    Many of us have read her blogs and her Facebook pages, she has several, all of which she often comments and “LIKES” her own statements she writes about herself! For someone not seeking attention, she goes out of her way to make sure everyone notices, and it is not becoming. We believe her statement for this caption on her Facebook originally was “Someone is noticing me!” And the original (correct us if we are wrong) was she was mistaken not only “Miss World”, but also “Miss America.” Her statement is now deleted. Someone must have told her that wasn’t an appealing statement, anymore than putting that first photo of herself was in really bad taste on her Mrs. Highland Park FB page.

    Someone needs to check to see who is sending in the check to buy that sash, before they forward it to them. Just read her statements above: “Posts made by such as “Shall we kid Ourselves” are made by Jill, a jealous, bitter woman that once (ahem, cough, choke) “dated”, if you will, my husband. She stalks me on the internet and posts hurtful blogs” and “i don’t want to embarrass my husband but..
    @ jill- WHO was he married to when you got yourself knocked up??”

    That is this person’s true core.

  • @hp75295–(I’m sure I know who you are, since i have so many terrific friends in HP. its easy to know who is not since they are so few) it was a sweet little old man in a Publix grocery store in Florida, no relation darling. just a kind soul who thought I was beautiful enough to be and mistook the polo jersey for a ‘sash”, which happened again and was a nice lady. Shame on you for not beleiveing that people can make honest mistakes that can make a persons day! they did make me feel special as do my many friends that are going to the pageant to support me. I am amazed at how many wonderful friends i have! (and i didn’t delete any statement, someone noticed my posting on my page and wrote about it here, hence it is true, more than just the stalker i have is noticing my fb posts, whats it to you? Somehow really bothers you that soemone did think it was nice for me…hmm.. I would be happy for you, but that’s the kind of people most of us are. )
    I wouldn’t come back here but someone told me about “bill” and i felt it a great opportunity to respond to an important issue. “Bill”- I am a wife, mother, philanthropist-all of which keeps me very busy. I also write, not for pay, but it has its perks. it’s not a career that brings in a paycheck like my job at Cloud Nine Hair Design did, before I retired from my career to take on the responsiblities of a family. My reward is greater than the salary I earned at work. But what I really wanted to address is the fact that no one can keep a man from cheating on them, as it’s not what the woman does or doesn’t do that causes cheating in the first place. that is an issue within the man, himself. However, the love and understanding of a partner can defintiley help the man see what his issue is, and fix it. Life is good for us, is wonderful, my husband is my biggest champion and I am his, thank you, ‘Bill”!

  • Congrats to Mrs. Florida who won Mrs. America 2011 and just won Mrs. World!!!

  • Pat



  • JT

    Pageant Pro, if you don’t want Dena to defend herself, allow me. I have known Dena for a short time, and I have found her to be one of the sweetest, most non-judgemental people I have ever met. I am not from HP, not a socialite and not even close to the same socio-economic demographic yet I am proud to call her my friend. Shame on those of you who cannot see past her physical attributes. Dena believes, passionately, in the charities she supports. She works relentlessly to raise money and build awareness for these causes. “Jill,” I can understand your jealousy; you will never be able to fill those shoes. Just let it go, why don’t you?

  • Seriously?

    “Ladies”.. GROW UP. One doesn’t have to live in HP to BE somebody, and from the sounds of these posts, you have some work to do. You should all be embarrassed.

  • Jenn C.

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this article but I am in awe of all the comments. I don’t know Mrs. Miller at all but what a bunch of miserable, petty, judgemental people. Visibility draws attention and money to charity. If she’s proud to be married, live in Highland Park or whatever, then let her be. If the rest of you are not proud of her, then sign up for the pageant. What a bunch of salacious idiocy. Signed – a person who doesn’t know Mrs. Miller or anyone on here.

  • Uncle Charley

    It’s ironic that “Ernie Douglas” was questioning why someone else was posting anonymously. Say hello to your brother Chip for me, Ernie.