December Adoption Specials At Dallas Animal Services

I just got word that Dallas Animal Services is kicking off an adoption special for the month of December. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this month, you’ll be able to adopt any dog or any cat for just $30. It’s a good deal. (I paid about $200 to adopt my dog a few years ago.) If you want to add a pet to the family, you should most certainly do it through a shelter and not a breeder. Because, as I talk about in a column in this month’s print product, Dallas has enough dogs and cats already. They just need homes.


  • Rescue dogs make awesome pals. I have three at my feet as I type this.

  • Jonnie England

    Ditto! Thanks for mentioning this, Mike. And this really is the best deal in town, since it includes the spay or neuter surgery, all vaccinations, microchip and more–not the least of which is a lifetime of love and devotion!

  • There is a group of SMU students that is trying to raise awareness about the overpopulation of America’s animal shelters. Every hour 456 dogs and cats are are euthanized in shelters in America. There is a link to this post on the site and I encourage you to support this movement by visiting!