Big Boi and Fabolous Talk Words With Friends

Get some insight into the two rappers’ strategy in this funny, curse-filled interview at A taste:

Fabolous: One thing they gotta fix is that if someone be taking days to make they move, you should be able to resign motherf—ers. Like, they be taking days to make a move.

Big Boi: Yeah.

Fabolous: And the other thing is that the kid in the studio, when we was playing in the board game, like, you can’t just be trying s—. Like, just plugging in words and letters. I think you should get like three, four tries and that’s it.

I agree 100 percent, by the way. I’ve wanted to be able to resign motherf—ers forever.


  • Can someone please use ‘QIS’ in a sentence? Really, this word was only invented for WWF.
    I do like the ‘3 tries, then you pass’ idea.

    Play me motherf-ers,
    Mike El Rey

    • @El Rey: “You wouldn’t think you could pluralize ‘qi,’ a variant of ‘chi,’ but apparently you can. It’s ‘qis.’ ”

      But XIS is much more egregious.

  • mynameisbill

    A ‘Words with “insert expletive” Friends’ edition…sounds nice, but they’d probably censor it, so all the answers would look like this, ****….and that would motherefing suck!