Highest Words With Friends Score Ever?

A friend sent me this screen grab (at right) of what looks to be the most amazing play ever in Words With Friends. I figured it had to be bogus and asked one of the game’s creators, Paul Bettner, about it. His response: “I think it’s ‘real,’ but there’s no way this just happened in the course of a regular game. To my eyes, this definitely required a concerted effort on the part of both players to build the required scaffolding.” Still, though. That’s some solid workmanship.


  • Come On
  • Alan Jabin

    I do not believe that ae is an excepted word in scrabble or word with friends.

  • Heather


  • B man

    If you look them up, both ae and Hadj are words…Why do people question things before they even do the research????? That said, we all know this is fake.

  • b

    If the highlighted letters are the ones used, 7 tiles are used and 2 tiles left over, r+y. Hmm. 7+2=9? i wonder what version they are playing.

  • jo mom

    There was probably 2 letters left before he made that move

  • Just Me

    The scoring is not posted until you are completed and at that time you also get your new letters, your word remains highlighted that you made on the board …….. how long has it been since you played????????

  • Iw

    @alan jabin; first of all, ae is ACCEPTED (not excepted), @heather; secondly hadj is accepted, @b; thirdly, u r dumb!